13 April, 2014

[Walkthrough] Pirates in Love - Nathan

Main Story

Episode 1
A chef on board?
Keep insisting

Episode 2
… Mmm.
Please carry me.

Episode 3
  A chocolate-covered banana
Are you worried about me?
I’m sorry…

Episode 4
  Not really.

Episode 5
  It’s okay, if you don’t want to tell me.
(Get bashful)

Episode 6
  Because I’m worried about you…
  I’ll be careful! 

Episode 7
You go ahead!
I ask him
‘Cause you were straight with me.

Episode 8
I don’t think it’s nothing.
  … hold his hand softly

Episode 9
  … Thank you.
Stay there quietly

Episode 10
  What did you want to say?

Episode 11
  … Yeah, I do.
  … Okay.

Episode 12
  Kick him in the crotch
… No, he didn’t.
I can’t let that happen!

Episode 13
Call Nathan
  You’re stupid!

Episode 14
  … Don’t apologize.
  … Me?

Episode 15
  … like Nate?
  I want to keep doing things like this


 Episode 1
I wanna go, too.
Say thank you

Episode 2
Play with the cat
Let's find a different route.

Episode 3
Hug Nathan with happiness
I'll only go, if we go together.

Episode 4
Keep quiet

Episode 5
Make a joke
Ask directly

Episode 6
Are you okay?
Don't worry about me.

Episode 7
I do.
Take Nathan's hand, of course

Episode 8
Gently hold Nathan's hand
I'll be waiting!

Episode 9
Hug Nathan
Crouch down

Second Sequel

Episode 1
I'm happy to be back on the Sirius.
Leave it to Nathan

Episode 2
We're not Navy mutts!
Nathan, are you... 

Episode 3
As long as Nathan is with me.
Don't worry about us. 

Episode 4
I'm happy to hear that.
Come here, buck face! 

Episode 5
  We made it through it though.
You're right. 

Episode 6
Color me surprised.
What do you mean? 

Episode 7
  Let's return to the inn.
I don't mind. 

Episode 8
I love it.
  I'll fight with you. 

Episode 9
 Jump into the ocean

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