April 15, 2014

[Walkthrough] Seduced in the Sleepless City - Satsuki Kitaoji

Main Story

 Accept and sit down.
I'm honored.
I'm not really wonderful.
I'm sorry for making you look after me.
Be impress by Satsuki's quick thinking.
Look at Satsuki.
Is it a floral scent...?
You've been coming here for a long time.
Now we can continue with the feature.
Can I help?
You look wonderful.
Allow him to help.
Return his hold.
Would you like to stay here?
I'm happy.
I'm glad I got to see you.
The media's still out there.
I was just surprised.
I'm looking forward to it.
Please don't worry about me.
Aren't you mad at me?
But...I'm happy.
Apologize for jumping to conclusions.
You're just flattering me.
I'm too shy.
My heart's pounding.
Talk about the report.
I don't want to hurt you.


You're like a little kid!
You should sleep alone.
Me too.
Let him.
If you insist...
Trust Satsuki.
Pat his head.
It's one step forward, right?
You mean I'm causing misfortune?
I remember.
All right.
I won't get caught.
I'm impressed.
Take his hand.
That's not fair.
Don't you want to know?

Proposal Sequel

It's such a fond memory.
I insist.
Take a deep breath.
I'll be even more nervous.
Compliment the dress.
Say thank you.
It feels like a dream.
I don't feel well.
I'm happy.
A real baseball game!
I'll bring drinks.
It was wonderful.
I'm surprised.
Don't worry.
I worry about you.
Get some sleep.
I want to get angry.
It's my fault.
I was wrong.
But we're hugging...
That was mean.
I didn't think I could wear it.