26 May, 2014

[Walkthrough] Love! Sushi Rangers - Iku Sukegawa

Iku Sukegawa
(*Note: Unfortunately Koyonplete no longer exist, so this game is not available anymore!)

[Chapter 1: A Splendid Leader]
    1.01Get CG! (50 koyon)

    1.05[1] Have I said too much?
    [2] It sounds like he has nothing but being 'nice'... (25%)
    [3] Being 'nice' is a merit!
"Unlock New Panel!"

[Chapter 2: A Sushi Break]
    2.05[1] Objection!
    [2] It's not that I am against it, but---
    [3] Well I guess...it's a date... I guess... (25%)
"Unlock New Panel!"

[Chapter 3: Date for just One Day]
    3.04 Get CG! (50 koyon)

    3.05[1] I don't want to hurt the relationship between you and Kei. (25%)
    [2] I couldn't break the promise I had with Kei.
    [3] I just want you, Iku, to have a break from work.
"Unlock New Panel!"

[Chapter 4: Big and Little Brother]
    4.03[1] Everyone has their weaknesses!
    [2] Even so, they are also a part of you! (25%)
    [3] There's no one who can pretend to be strong by hiding all their weaknesses!

    Get CG! (50 koyon)
"Unlock New Panel!" (Bonus 30 koyon!)

[Chapter 5: Ending]
    All Endings: 30 koyon each

    Frank Feelings (Happy End): 99%+
    Get CG! (50 koyon)

    First Steps (Normal End): > 49%
    Good Boy (Bad End): < 49%

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