21 July, 2014

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Lost Island - Ren Nishimura

Main Story

Chapter 1 
It's not weird.
Cotton Candy.

Chapter 2 
I'm not.
I don't. (for SE:I do!)

Chapter 3 
I can't. (for SE:Okay )
Okay. (for SE:But... )

Chapter 4 
That's going too far...!
You'll take me?!

Chapter 5 
Are you...  (for SE:Thank you. )
Because... (for SE:Sorry.)

Chapter 6 
I won't. (for SE:I'll be fine. )
Reject him.

Chapter 7 
... (for SE:No! )
Why aren't you sure?

Chapter 8 
What are you talking about? (for SE:No.)
But... (for SE:You're right. )

Chapter 9 
What do you mean? (for SE:What are you saying!?)

Chapter 10 
I know...
I've calmed down.

Chapter 11 
Don't think about me. 
I won't leave you.

for SWEET ENDING-> (for SE:...)

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