04 August, 2014

Shall we date?: My Fairy Tales + Other Characters

Cindo's Story

Princess Marybell - MC's friend
Lord Aster - Cindo's Stepfather
 Cindo's Stepbrothers - Ruben & Toto or lets explain it from Cindo himself:

Seanwhite's Story

The Mirror Spirit 
King Aster - Seanwhite's Father
The little people (dwarves) Seanwhite lives with

Ocean's Story

King Aster - The King of a bordering County. He wants to marry MC, because she somehow ended up being the Princess of the country

Thumbelina's Story

The Beetle Spirits Toto & Ruben

Aster - this time a mole? (he doesn't really look like one...)

Gretel's Story

In Gretel's story (Gretel is a GUY...), Aster is the father of him and his brother Hansel.

Gretel's (very hot but undateble) brother

Even if he tells his name is Raven, it still is "Ruben" written in the namebox (and we know who you really are, harr, harr... XD

Both Toto and "Raven" love men - no they are not gay but cannibals and only eat "handsome men"oO


  1. hey, can you do others characters in gretel's story? such as hansel?

    1. OMG! I still haven't added him here! THANKS for telling!!! (p.s: I wish there were a route for Hansel - Isn't he handsome?! <3 )

    2. np, i guess hansel is really handsome, but maybe they chose gretel because in the actual fairy tail gretal got rid of the witch to save hansel.

  2. What if all of the Marybells, Rubens, Totos and Asters were magical clones and the real ones are the cause of all of the trouble?