30 August, 2014

[Walkthrough] Be my Princess 2 - Aslan Mafdir

Main Story

Episode 1
Are you bored?
The lovely small white flowers.

Episode 2
I wasn’t enjoying it.
About Heydar…

Episode 3

Episode 4
Thank you for everything.
I only have one room.

Episode 5
I did.
Herbal tea.

Episode 6
Say nothing

Episode 7
Am I the right person?
I’ll do my best, but…

Episode 8
I can do it myself.
Say nothing

Episode 9
Can I?
I’ll be strict.

Episode 10
Just coincidence…
No way!

Episode 11
Let me think about it.
Salted rice malt from Oriens.

Episode 12
Salt-pickled cherry blossoms.
I’m covered in flour.

Episode 13
Should I trust it?
What’s going on?

Episode 14
Let me get dressed…!
I want to go, but…

Episode 15
How do you know?
You and Aslan reconciled.

Happy Ending


Episode 1
That’s private.
I was scared.

Episode 2
I had a lot of fun.
I just got here.

Episode 3
He was worried about you.
Pistachio mabroomeh

Episode 4
I’ll study.
I’m glad we saw.

Episode 5
There’s a trick to it.
It’s like it was yesterday.

Episode 6
I wanna do it again.
We’re going, right?

Episode 7
Eastern Shaharazal butter tea
Give me triple!

Happy Ending

The Royal Wedding

Episode 1
You tought me the joy of loving.
You’re not forcing me.

Episode 2
Let’s work hard together!
Traditional Eastern gress
Episode 3

I wanna go out.
I want to help.
Episode 4

I wanted to protect you.
I was worried!
Episode 5

Discuss the wedding

Episode 6
I don’t want to see you.
Ask about canceling the reception

Episode 7
Confront him
Pull yourself together.

Episode 8

Episode 9
Give him a good luck charm

Happy Ending

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