16 September, 2014

[Walkthrough] First Love Diaries - Mahiro Nanase

Season 1: Main Story


Episode 1
I'd think it fit you.
Brush it off with a joke

Episode 2
Sorry, I know it's heavy.
Wave goodbye

Episode 3
Apologize for bumping him
Fix his hair for him

Episode 4
Let go of his hand

Episode 5
I'm sorry about before.
Go ahead and clear the tray

Episode 6
Is something wrong?

Episode 7
Sneak a peak
Ask him

Episode 8
Say: "Ahhh".
Answer right away

Episode 9
Step out where they can see
I'll be here for you.

Episode 10
Split it
Let him wash the dishes

Episode 11
Tell him he should answer it
Call him

Episode 12
How was your day? You look tired.
Try again later.

Episode 13
Get him to tell you why
What if I do?

Episode 14
Tell him the truth
Apologize to him

Season 1: Sequel
(*Note: This Sequel has two routes. At a certain point you can either choose the "Off to London" or the"At the Movies" Route. Both routes have either a Happy or a Super Happy End)

Episode 1
We’re on a school trip!
Tell him about Keale visiting

Episode  2
Ask him jokingly: “Jealous?”
Let’s spend a day together in London! (Off to London Route)
/Let’s be extras in the movie! (At the Movies Route)

Off to London Route

Episode  3
Probably not.
You’re number one for me!
Episode  4
Admit it
Kiss him on the cheek
Try to keep the conversation light

Super Happy End

At the Movies Route

Episode 3
Wait for Mahiro
Get him back!

Episode  4
Ask Mahiro for help
Apologize for forgetting

Super Happy End

Season 2: Senior Years

Episode 1

Episode 2 
Don’t get upset…
That’s right!

Episode 3
Don’t look
Ask him

Episode 4
You’re scared of cows, aren’t you?
Offer to take care of things

Episode 5
Scold them
A song from a kids’ show

Episode 6
We can’t!
Thank you.

Episode 7
That’s not true!
Ask if you can go

Episode 8
Take his hand
Laugh about it

Episode 9
Be relieved
Kiss him first

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