20 October, 2014

Shall we date?: The Niflheim + Quiz

 Hi there, Princess!
I bet by now you have a very good understanding of the land of Niflheim, am I right? What is it? Oh, you want to come here now? I know, I know. However, Princess – you should be in no hurry when it comes to romance!
So today, I present you with my greatest invention : Skeletiano’s Matchmaking Flowchart!!
This chart enables you to know – in seconds! – which character will best fit your taste.

 If you chose A on the flowchart... Then!! You and our great author PHILIPPE are a perfect match!
You, Princess, who likes to read rare books and to soak in your imaginations, are likely to get along with the prince-like romanticist, Philippe☆

Maybe there will be a romance awaiting for you like one in the storybooks you love with this knowledgeable man who works in the biggest library in Niflheim...?
Oh, what a romantic love! My heart beats fast just by hearing the word “destiny”...!

Though I don’t know the reason, Philippe is quite popular in Niflheim as a novelist. Women often talk about him being a perfect, whole-hearted romanticist, but I would rather talk about Vic... Ahem! Never mind.
He usually works as a librarian.

 If you chose B...... Then Count ORLANDO is a match for you!
You, Princess, who does not have much interest in fairytales or mysteries of the world...
will surely be overwhelmed and by and fall in love with Count Orlando, who practically has the most power in politics of Niflheim, and with his authority and elegance.

However, he has his downside too. He seems to be very popular among women, but he can be a little malicious at times, so no one has ever stripped off his mask of forced smiles... I hear it has something to do with his life back when he was alive, but.... I can sense danger in his mysteries and romance!

What? You want to say that I have more overwhelming elegance and sexiness?
Oh, Princess! I know that without you telling me☆

Orlando practically has the most political power in our kingdom Niflheim. He is also an aristocrat that has the most acres of land next to the king, and His Highness puts great trust in him.
While he speaks formally and humbly, he has pride in himself and can be mean at times.

If you chose C, you are... The perfect match for my rival, J.J.!
You can talk an hour about the Seven Wonders of the World...? I must say that you are destined to be in love with J.J., who dedicates himself to his scientific studies.

However, Princess, I know I may have said before, but... He can be too rational, pure, and a little airheaded at times... So you might experience some surprising incidents due to his ignorance to the ways of the world. 

Men should be both sexy and cute at the same time, just like me, after all!! Don’t you think so, Princess?!

Uh, well, he is a very capable scientist and inventor in Niflheim, too...
He accepts any kind of impossible requests from His Majesty and fulfill his needs, so I guess I could say that I’m proud of him in that sense... Oh, I forgot to mention that he is also the one who made the Promo.

It may be due to him being a scientist, but it is a flaw in a gem that he is too rationalistic and always serious.

Men must be lively and romantic, like I am!!
He has to put some of his passion towards studying towards love, I can assure you that! 

If you chose D... Oh, you must be so honest with your feelings! You are absolutely right, Princess!
The more HANDSOME the guy is, the sweeter the romance becomes, that’s a known fact!
So I think I may not need to announce this formally, but...
Yes, if you chose D, the perfect man for you is... Me! Skeletiano!!

I appear many times in all of the stories,
so please promise me that you will read through the whole scenario!
Also, please keep in mind that this Matchmaking Flowchart is for beginners –
Those of you who want me to dig deeper into you and decide who you should have your romance with,  please visit me at my office when you enter Niflheim!


  1. Hey there, do you know the Shall We Date game called Blood In Roses? If you do, PLEASE MAKE A QUIZ ON IT! Thanks :D

    1. This quiz was made by Solmare itself, so I'm sorry, but I can't make a quiz on Blood and Roses. I'm not that skilled, to make succh an amazing (and funny) quiz like you can see here.
      BUT! If you go to their Facebook page, you might find on. In case I'll find one, I'll post it here, but I can't promise anything ;)


    2. Haha! I just found your quiz (at least I suppose it's yours). -> https://www.quotev.com/quiz/8071978/Shall-We-Date-Blood-In-Roses-Which-character-would-you-date
      If it's okay with you, I'll add a link to it on the Blood in Roses Main Page.