04 October, 2014

[Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding (Party) - Yuta Kajima Season 1

(*Note: If you want to know how to increase your Chemistry, go to the "How to play?" page.)

Season 1: Main Story

1.04 A: But, was it okay to lie like that?
B: You're so kind! (+10)

1.09 A: There was something in my eye...
B: That looks good. (+10)

(Get a Letter)

2.03 A: Maybe just a little...
B: You're not? (+10)

2.08 A: Is there something on my face? (+10)
B: Are you mad?

(Get a Letter)

3.05 A: Do your best! (+10)
B: Can't you refuse to do it?

3.08 A: I'm sorry, I can't...
B: I'll try my best...  (+10)

~ Avatar Mission ~
Normal RouteHeart Design Gold Bracelet (600 Mari)
Sweet Route: TV Broadcast Outfit (200 Coins) -> get CG

(Get a Letter)

4.04 A: Look at Yuta.(+10)
B: Oh, no...! 

4.07 A: Thank you. 
B: You're the one who's so nice. (+10)

(Get a Letter)

5.06 A: It's because of you, Yuta. (+10)
B: This is how I always am.

5.09 A: It's kind of embrassing.
B: I was thinking the same thing. (+10)

~ Wife Point Mission ~
Need 3,000 Wife Points

(Get a Letter)

6.06 A: I came to wait for you. (+10)
B: I was just cleaning.

6.08 A: Don't you enjoy coming home anymore?
B: Did something bad happen? (+10)
      (Get a Letter)

      7.03 A: We're not really engaged, so...
      B: Maybe just a little bit. (+10)

      7.07 A: Give him the other earphone.
      B: Give him some room. (+10)

      ~ Avatar Mission ~
      Normal RoutePearl Flower Necklace (5,000 Mari)
      Sweet Route: First Fashion Show Outfit (500 Coins) -> get CG

      (Get a Letter)

      8.04 A: Eat the cake. (+10)
      B: Feed the cake to him.

      8.08 A: ...really?
      B: Don't dig too deep. (+10)

      ~ Wife Point Mission ~
      Need 15,000 Wife Points

      (Get a Letter)

      9.05 A: You're like a prince up there. (+10)
      B: Have you ridden before? 

      9.08 A: I think you've had enough.
      B: Isn't it about time to go back to your room? (+10)

      (Get a Letter)

      10.04 A: Hey, don't stare!
      B: Looks like you're enjoying yourself. (+10)

      10.09 A: Look at Yuta. (+10)
      B: Get closer to Yuta.

      ~Avatar Mission~
      Normal Route: Pink Heart-shaped Sunglasses (10,000 Mari)
      Sweet Route: Deserted Island Survival Outfit (750 Coins) -> get a CG

      (Get a Letter)

      11.06 A: Panic and pull away.
      B: Stay as you are. (+10)

      11.09 A: I'm putting love into it. (+10)
      B: I stick a little special medicine into it.

      ~ Wife Point Mission ~
      Need 30,000 Wife Points

      (Get a Letter)

      12.04 A: Step... siblings?
      B: What 'promise'? (+10)

      12.07 A: It's nothing new though.
      B: Aren't we engaged? (+10)

      (Get a Letter)

      13.06 A: What do you mean by that? (+10)
      B: You mean we feel the same way?

      13.09 A: You were really avoiding me?
      B: Your... feelings? (+10)

      ~ Wife Points Mission ~
      Need 50,000 Wife Points

      (Get a Letter)

      14.05 A: There's no way it'd make trouble for me. (+10)
      B: I already know everything.

      14.08 A: You can't do that.
      B: Nothing's going to get to me. (+10)

      (Get a Letter)

      [no choices]

      (Get a Letter, CG & Dress + Background for Super Happy End, only Dress for Happy End)

      [no choices]


      1. The answers to chapter 4, I got it wrong!! Is it really right??

      2. For chapter 4, the right answer is "Look at Yuta" because when I clicked "Oh No...!" it gave me 5 chemisty points. ^^;

      3. Both of the answers for chapter 4 are wrong, they should be : look at yuta. You're nice too.

        When I clicked what you had I got 5 pts each time :(

        1. I'm very sorry about this mistakes and thank you very much for telling me!

      4. The second answer for chapter 8 i only got 5 points

        1. Really? I have to check it immediately! Thanks for telling!

      5. For episode 4 question 2, I answer A and get only 5 chemistry. So I think that the answer should be B :you are the one so nice.

      6. I was wondering if I select the same character right after I finish the route. Will I have to go through all 15 chapters? I was 2 points off to get the happy ending

        1. Unfortunately Yes. After you change to another character or if you complete a route, you have to start the Story again from Chapter 1 and play through the whole story again until you get to Chapter 15...