12 November, 2014

[Walkthrough] Metro PD - Ryohei Kimura

Main Story
(*Note: It's tested and also works for the "Love 365" app!)

Episode 1
Pray with Kimura
Guys with a good heart.

Episode 2
Why don't we grab lunch?

Episode 3
Joke: "He's not nice to ME."
You looked so different.

Episode 4
That's not like you.
I'm fine.

Episode 5
It's not so bad.

Episode 6
Ask if he has time to go
Tell him

Episode 7
We happened to bump into each other.
I've always wanted to go.

Episode 8
Pretend to be angry
Take the first bath

Episode 9
You didn't have to worry.
I'm ok.

Episode 10
I'm hungry.
Of course I care.

Episode 11
What about dropped case?
You're seeing things.

Episode 12
Thanks him seriously
Change the subject

Episode 13
Want to come up for coffee?
Want to go watch the interrogation?

Episode 14
I thought you'd be here.

(*Note: It's tested and also works for the "Love 365" app!)
Episode 1
Get testy
I missed you.

Episode 2
Promise to tell him

Episode 3
There’s no time to waste.
What’s wrong?

Episode 4

Armed & Engaged

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hana for giving me permission to repost this Walkthrough from her tumblr Blog!
It's tested and also works for the "Love 365" app!)
Episode 1
Say hi
I want to get to know her soon.
Episode 2
Call out to him
Episode 3
Are you still unsure about her?
Can’t be helped if it’s a case.
Episode 4
It’ll be okay.
Episode 5
You’re not mad?
I’m excited too.
Episode 6
Thank you very much!
Should we do it at the wedding?
Episode 7
What’s wrong ?
Get flustered
Episode 8
Can you?
Episode 9

New York Sequel

(*Note: This Walkthrough is still missing! If you by any chance have the Walkthrough, I would be more than happy, if you could send it to me (dawnire@gmail.com). THANKS!)

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