23 November, 2014

[Walkthrough] Be my Princess (Party) - Keith Alford

(*Note: You can obtain the Relationship Rank B (50 Chemistry), if you choose the right answers during the Prologue (Common Route).)


Common Route 1: My First Job... A Royal Ball?!

1.02 A: Allow him to show you around [Good Choice!]
B: Politely decline

1.05 A: Don't I know you from... [Good Choice!]
B: That crest on your jacket...

~Avatar Mission~
Sweet Route: Black Ribbon Headband (+10 Charm) - 500 Cruz -> Get CG

Common Route 2: A Miracle for Me?!

2.02 A: Your gown is beautiful. [Good Choice!]
B: It's nothing...

2.04 A: Red wine
B: White wine [Good Choice!]

~Royal Factor Mission~
100 RF needed

Common Route 3: Sneaking Out form the Party

3.01 A: Go after Prince Glenn [Good Choice!]
B: Stay with Prince Roberto

3.04 A: Thank you very much. [Good Choice!]
B: I’ll be fine on my own. 

 (Get a Letter)

Common Route 4: An Unexpected Visitor

4.01 A: Thank you again for before. 
B: Why did you come back? [Good Choice!]

4.04 A: Agree with Monsieur Pierre [Good Choice!]
B: Give your honest opinion

4.10 ~Avatar Mission~
Sweet Route: Brown Bag & Scarf (+10 Charm) - 1,000 Cruz -> Get CG

Special Story: The Opportunity has Arrived

S.03 A: A spread about Joshua
B: A spread about Glenn [Good Choice!]

S.04 A: I have been feeling a little stressed...[Good Choice!]
B: I'm really fine. 

Common Route 5: The Pure White Envelope

5.02 A: Why are you here, Prince Joshua?[Good Choice!]
B: I'm afraid this area is for staff only... 

5.05 A: Continue listening to them [Good Choice!]
B: Leave the conversation

(Get a Letter)


Main Story

Episode 1: The Cruelest Man is the Prince?!

1.03 A: I want to give this a try. [Good Choice!]
B: I still want to work for you.

1.08 A: Approach the two men
B: Head for Prince Keith [Good Choice!]

(Get a Letter)

Episode 2: Celebrities & Commoners

2.03 A: Try speaking to Prince Keith
B: Just apologize [Good Choice!]

2.08 A: Try to shake free
B: Ask him to let go [Good Choice!]

~Royal Factor Mission~
3,000 RF needed

(Get a Letter)

Episode 3: The Best Advisor?

3.03 A: I wasn't afraid. [Good Choice!]
B: What’s wrong with that?

3.09 A: Grab Luke by the arm
B: Grab Prince Keith by the arm [Good Choice!]

Episode 4: A Date as a Reward?

4.03 A: You did this for me? [Good Choice!]
B: Why did you bring me here?

4.08 A: Return the cloth to where it came from
B: Buy the cloth anyway [Good Choice!]

Episode 5: A Fight on the Balcony

5.03 A: Run away
B: Greet him normally [Good Choice!]

5.08 A: I can’t do that! [Good Choice!]
B: You’re joking, right?

~Avatar Mission~
Sweet Route: Strapless Dress Set - 3 Gems -> get CG
Normal Route: Black Rose Pumps - 1 Gem or 2,000 Cruz

Episode 6: Milky Way

6.03  A: Leave the crowd
B: Hide behind Prince Keith [Good Choice!]

6.08 A: Bandage your feet yourself
B: Have Luke take care of it [Good Choice!]

Episode 7: A Sudden Rejection

7.03 A: Yup, they’re completely fine! [Good Choice!]
B. Are you worrying about me?

7.08  A: That’s right. Shall we get started?
B: Is that a problem? [Good Choice!]

~Royal Factor Mission~
24,000 RF needed

Episode 8: The Spirit Exposed

8.03 A: Take her back to the dorm
B: Ask her where she lives [Good Choice!]

8.08 A: Flush red
B: N-no way! [Good Choice!]

Episode 9: Midnight Visitor

9.03 A: You’ve misunderstood something!
B: How did you know…? [Good Choice!]

9.08 A: Listen to him now. [Good Choice!]
B: Listen to him tomorrow.

Avatar Mission~
Sweet Route: Purple Sundress Set - 6 Gems -> get CG
Normal Route: Straw Hat with Flowers - 3 Gem or 6,000 Cruz

Episode 10: A Crafty Little Plan

10.03 A: Stumble into a hole.
B: Tangled up in a vine. [Good Choice!]

10.08 A: What are you talking about? [Good Choice!]
B. You knew that she was faking?

-RF Mission-
Need 43,000 Royal Factor

Episode 11: Overwhelming Emotions

11.03 A: Return to your room.
B: Look for Luke. [Good Choice!]

11.08  A: That’s my line!
B: I’m not ridiculous! [Good Choice!]

Episode 12: Love with a Prince

12.03 A: Don’t push away
B: What are you doing!? [Good Choice!]

12.08 A: Please don’t apologize. [Good Choice!]
B: Please cheer up.

Episode 13: The King’s Conspiracy

13.03 A: Has something happened?
B: What about Prince Keith? [Good Choice!]

13.08 A: Grab his hand
B: Wrap your arms around him [Good Choice!]

Episode 14: Opening the Gate

14.03 A: Smile [Good Choice!]
B: Cry

14.08 A: Hug him one last time [Good Choice!]
B: Leave without looking back

To get the Secret Happy End you need: 100 Chemistry & 72,000 RF 
To get the Happy End you need: 100 Chemistry & 72,000 RF

Episode 15: Beyond the Spotlight

[No question]

Epilogue: Lending a Hand

(Get a Letter, get CG - only for Secret Happy End)


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