23 November, 2014

[Walkthrough] Be my Princess (Party) - Roberto Button

(Note: You can obtain the Relationship Rank B (50 Chemistry), if you choose the right answers during the Prologue (Common Route).
Also, there are some problems with the WT in Chapter 7 & Chapter 10 (marked with *). Some gamers wrote to me that answer A is wrong, but other gamers said answer B would be wrong too... So, I guess this is either a bug in the game, or they made different answers for Android & iOS... I can't guarantee now that this WT gives you the right answer and am very sorry for that! :(



Common Route 1: My First Job... A Royal Ball?!

1.02 A: Allow him to show you around [Good Choice!]
B: Politely decline

1.05 A: Don't I know you from... [Good Choice!]
B: That crest on your jacket...

~Avatar Mission~
Sweet Route: Black Ribbon Headband (+10 Charm) - 500 Cruz -> Get CG

Common Route 2: A Miracle for Me?!

2.02 A: Your gown is beautiful. [Good Choice!]
B: It's nothing...

2.04 A: Red wine 
B: White wine [Good Choice!]

~Royal Factor Mission~
100 RF needed

Common Route 3: Sneaking Out form the Party

3.01 A: Go after Prince Glenn
B: Stay with Prince Roberto [Good Choice!]

3.04 A: Thank you very much.[Good Choice!]
B: I’ll be fine on my own.

 (Get a Letter)

Common Route 4: An Unexpected Visitor

4.01 A: Thank you again for before. 
B: Why did you come back? [Good Choice!]

4.04 A: Agree with Monsieur Pierre [Good Choice!]
B: Give your honest opinion

4.10 ~Avatar Mission~
Sweet Route: Brown Bag & Scarf (+10 Charm) - 1,000 Cruz -> Get CG

Special Story: The Opportunity has Arrived

S.03 A: A spread about Joshua
B: A spread about Glenn [Good Choice!]

S.04 A: I have been feeling a little stressed... [Good Choice!]
B: I'm really fine. 

Common Route 5: The Pure White Envelope

5.02 A: Why are you here, Prince Joshua?
B: I'm afraid this area is for staff ony... [Good Choice!]

5.05 A: Continue listening to them
B: Leave the conversation [Good Choice!]

(Get a Letter)

Main Story

Episode 1: The Castle’s Wall

1.05 A: When in Rome… [Good Choice!]
 B: Refuse to let the prince carry it

1.10 A: I think you should go back.
B: Why do you want to leave? [Good Choice!]

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Episode 2: Commemorating the Start of a Friendship

2.01 A: Tell him to stop [Good Choice!]
B: Hurry across

2.08 A: Gently let him down [Good Choice!]
B: Refuse him flat out

~Royal Factor Mission~
3,000 RF needed

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Episode 3: Love’s Cupid!?

3.03 A: Just one more.
B: We really should go. [Good Choice!]

3.08 A: Say you’ll come to his room later
B: Let him in [Good Choice!]

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Episode 4: Alone in His Room

4.03 A: …like sweets? [Good Choice!]
B: …dislike sweets?

4.08 A: The moon sure is pretty tonight.
B: Your hair is naturally curly? [Good Choice!]

~Avatar Mission~
Sweet Route: Lavender Party Dress Set - 3 Gems -> get CG
Normal Route: Purple Ribbon with Flower - 1 Gem or 2,000 Cruz

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Episode 5: Irreplaceable

5.03 A: Talk about the silk shirt [Good Choice!]
B: Talk about Alberto

5.08 A: Try to play it off by being vague
B: Admit that you had it put away [Good Choice!]

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Episode 6: Friends Through a Window

6.03 A: Decline because it’s so late
B: Have some because you want it [Good Choice!]

6.08 A: Tell them a bit more about him
B: Say it is a business relationship [Good Choice!]

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Episode 7: A Growing Crush

 7.04 A: Do what Roberto wants [Good Choice!] -> not sure*
B: Do what Alberto wants

7.09 A: Not at all.

B: Thank you very much. [Good Choice!]

~Royal Factor Mission~
24,000 RF needed

(Get a Letter)

Episode 8: Moving Back Home!?

8.04 A: Tell him not to touch it
B: Grab it before he can [Good Choice!]

8.06 Hide the photo with your hand
B: Don’t try to hide the photo [Good Choice!]

Avatar Mission~
Sweet Route: Winter Style Set - 6 Gems -> get CG
Normal Route: Vintage Duo-tone Shawl - 3 Gem or 6,000 Cruz

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Episode 9: A Keepsake from the Queen

9.04 A: Go along with it [Good Choice!]
B: Turn him down

9.08 A: Say: “I knew that!” [Good Choice!]
B: Don't say anything

(Get a Letter)

Episode 10: Runway

10.01 A: Well, it is a contest after all. [Good Choice!]
B: It's nothing to be jealous about.

10.06 A: I really didn’t. [Good Choice!] -> not sure*
B: Sorry. 

~Royal Factor Mission~
43,000 RF needed

(Get a Letter)

Episode 11: A City’s Love Song

11.04 A: Took a piece, pretending not to hear
B: Ask him: “Really?” [Good Choice!]

11.06 A: Keep holding onto his hand [Good Choice!]
B: Let go and applaud the performer

(Get a Letter)

Episode 12: The Lingering Kiss

12.03 A: Mention the interviewer [Good Choice!]
B: Just thank him

12.06 A: Try asking [Good Choice!]
B: Pretend you didn't notice

Avatar Mission~
Sweet Route: Design Black Gown Set - 10 Gems -> get CG
Normal Route: Simple Black Mini-Dress - 6 Gem or 12,000 Cruz

(Get a Letter)

Episode 13: Fate of the Necklace

13.? A: Ask him why he did it [Good Choice!]
B: Don't ask him about it

13.? A: Be happy. [Good Choice!]
I'm going.

(Get a Letter)

Episode 14: For Roberto…

14.? A: Make a joke [Good Choice!]
B: Answer seriously

14.? A: I’m sorry.  [Good Choice!]
B: You knew?

To get the Secret Happy End you need: 100 Chemistry & 72,000 RF
To get the Happy End you need: 100 Chemistry & 72,000 RF

Episode 15: Snow in the City

[No questions]

Epilogue: Good Morning, Princess

(Get a Letter, get CG - only for Secret Happy End)


  1. I followed your answer only for chap 10 "I really didn't" and the answer I got give me "That answer could have been better" *cries* Did you already checked answers by yourself?

    1. Hi Anon!

      I'm very sorry that you got the wrong answer because of my Walkthrough. I did check it, but of course I still can make mistakes now and then. I apologize again! I'll check it out immediately. :(


    2. rly? for me it showed it was the perfect answer

  2. In chapter 2 where the options are “tell him to stop" and “hurry across", it told me that the “tell him to stop" option could have been better.

  3. In chapter 10 is the right answer ,,I really didn't" cause I got the wrong answer

  4. In episode 7 i chose roberto wants, but its notbthe choice :(

  5. I'm very sorry to all who got the wrong answer. I'll try to fix this problem asap!

  6. In Chapter 7, it's actually pick what Roberto wants.

    1. Are you sure, because Alyssa said that was the wrong answer...

  7. Episode 10 : 10.06 Sorry is the wrong answer :(

    1. I'm very sorry for this! *sigh* This Walkthrough just keeps making trouble. There always seem to be the wrong answers, even after I just corrected it...

  8. The answer for chapter 7.4 .DO WHAT ROBERTO WANTS. for me was ri8..thanks for your answers coz i use your blog site for my selections in my otome games...its really useful..

  9. Hiya I play on my iPad and have used all the answers given on here and they have all been right. Maybe it's different if it's played on android?

    1. Yeah, that's what I thought as well. I think there is a bug in the android version and the Walkthrough only works for the iOS decives. -_-