15 November, 2014

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Ninja Love - Munenori Yagyu

Main Story

Thank him.
Wha, What!?
Don't touch me!
That's cute!
Speak up.
You poor thing.
Not true.
Shake head.
It feels strange.
Keep talking!
...I don't know.
...I'm scared.
You did right!
Your thoughts?
You liar!
Take off my...?!
I'm sorry...
I'm shaking...
Does it hurt?
Don't tell me!
We part tonight?
The code?
Don't die...


  1. Wait, WHOA -- Why are these different from the free version? Is the story different? o_o

    1. No, the story is totally the same, the only difference (beside that you have to pay for this version) is, that in the Paid version, you don't have to pass any Checkpoints and that you can read in one go, so no limited Story Tickets ^^