02 December, 2014

[Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding (Party) - Romatic X'mas Event - Takao

(*Note: The Affection written here, is for the first route. It changes depending on how many routes you have played.)


 1.2 ~Affection Mission~
Need 100 Affection
A: Look at me. (+200 Affection)
B: I should wear this everyday.

A: I want to make this one memorable. (+200 Affection)
B: The party I had in kindergarten was that.

~Affection Mission~
Need 4,000 Affection

~Affection Mission~
Need 6,000 Affection
A: Help him out. (+200 Affection)
B: Wait and see what he does.

~Affection Mission for Happy End~
Need 10,000 Affection

~Affection Mission~
Need 13,000 Affection

A: I Thought You'd Be Too Busy.
B: We Were Having A Party With Your Family. (+200 Affection)

~Affection Mission~
Need 18,000 Affection

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