25 January, 2015

[Walkthrough] Her Love in the Force - Shusuke Soma

Meeting Him

Episode 1 
I figured they wouldn’t listen.
Observe the situation.

Episode 2 
Why go that far?
Say it’s because you’re busy.
Episode 3
Try to get a better look.
Ask to stay.
Episode 4 
Do I really look like her?

Episode 5 
Stare at Goto.
Watch the situation.
Episode 6 
Try to be modest.

Episode 7 
Ask why.

Episode 8 
Hit their solar plexus.
I trusted you.

Episode 9 
Thank them properly.
I’d love to.

Falling in Love

Episode 1
Leave it to me!
Does it suit me?

Episode 2
You must be tired too.
Let me do it a little longer!

Episode 3
I’m going to get tea on my way.
I’ll do my best!

Episode 4
Your bonsai are doing well too.
Is that a good thing?
Episode 5
Wait for Soma to speak.
I’ll do my best.

Episode 6
You look good too.
I’m going too.

Episode 7
They’re coming to save us.
Are you alright?

Episode 8
Applaud with everyone.
Do I seem strange?

Episode 9
Thank you.
Then I’m glad.

(*Note: Special Thanks to Aiko for sending me this Walkthrough!)

Sequel: Tethered Hearts

Episode 1
I couldn't wait!
Kiss me on the lips

Episode 2
You really do care.
My determination.

Episode 3
Still learning.
Give a simple explanation

Episode 4
Beckon him closer
I met the informant.

Episode 5
Tell me.

Episode 6
We apologize.
Mr. Nakajima

Episode 7
Take a step forward
For Motoyama's sake

Happy End

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