January 25, 2015

[Walkthrough] Love Letter from Thief X - Taiga Kujo

Season 2: Main Story

Episode 1
I’d like to meet him.
Go with Riki

 Episode 2
How do you know that?
Thank you.

 Episode 3
I’ll have some.
Take it

 Episode 4
I’ll do it.

 Episode 5
Dont apologize

 Episode 6
Keep following him anyway
A patient

 Episode 7
He’s nice.
I dont know.

 Episode 8
Dont give up!

 Episode 9
Its a secret.
Im not scared.

 Episode 10
I know.

 Episode 11
Ask questions
Go now.

 Episode 12
Thats not true!

 Episode 13
I’m happy.

 Episode 14
Move forward
I believe in you.

 Episode 15
Thank you.
Youre cute!

Season 2: Sequel

Episode 1
No, I didn’t.
Of course!

Episode 2
I’ll be fine.
Hold his hand

Episode 3
Do your best to encourage him
No, he’s not!

Episode 4
 Say it’s not a lie
Tease him and say it’s a secret

Episode 5
Go with it
Taiga can do this!

Episode 6
I want to go with Taiga.
  I’m sorry.

Episode 7
  He was so cool.
  He looks really cool!

Episode 8
Don’t give it to them!
  Focus on Aya

Episode 9
  Don’t worry about it.
It’s fate.


  1. Thank you for this wonderful blog. And also just wanted to say that I'm very glad that Taiga's route is the way it is. I was worried that *spoiler* when I heard the MC would end up in debt and have to become an assistant to the guy she owed, that we would get the usual stereotype I hate, of an arrogant jerk who forces an MC into a position below him, serving him, to pay herself off to him, like a prostitute would. I'm just SO happy with Voltage and how they handled this and that it wasn't like that at all! Taiga doesn't have an arrogant bone in his body! And I loved how all the guys jumped in immediately to offer to pay for her medical expenses, taking the pressure off of her, which was amazing of them. I like that Taiga didn't force her into a position, but just made the suggestion that becoming his assistant was one way she could work off her debt. Voltage continues to be awesome, don't they? ^_^

    1. Yeah, they really are awesome! Especially in the last few games MC made great developements. She's not the shy litte girl (well she mostly is, but...) but she also can really be though and if needed she can also stand her man (errr... woman). *spoiler* I mean, she didn't accepted the offer of the guys and was really determined to pay her debts off on her own. And she wouldn't leave Taiga alone even when he send her away. *sigh* Can't wait for more Thief stories! ^^