04 January, 2015

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: The Niflheim + Dead Men's Holidays Event - Phillipe


(*Note: There is no change in the Love Meter, so you can choose whichever answer you like)

Chapter 1

1.02 Love Challenge: 100 Total Grace Points

1.03 Do you really think that?
I wonder if I can.

1.05 Love Challenge: 1500 Total Grace Points

1.07 I've heard about you around...
I heard about you from Philippe...

Chapter 2

2.02 Love Challenge: 4300 Total Grace Points

2.03 I'm going to wish to meet the nisse.
It's a secret.

2.05 Smile.
Wave a little.

2.06 Love Challenge: Antique Hat (400 Coins or 7000 Gold)

Chapter 3

3.01 Well, no one's looking...
No one's here, but it's still embarrassing...
3.01 Love Challenge: 7200 Total Grace Points

Love Challenge to get the Ending: 6000 Own Grace Points

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