06 February, 2015

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Producer K's Dev Notes #76
It's February 22 and it's the ninja day today. And it's Producer K here.
In Ninja Hattori, one of the most famous ninja anime in Japan, Hattori always says "Nin Nin" like it's favorite phrase.
And because "2" is pronounced "ni" in Japan, February 22 was named the ninja day with a bit of a wordplay. 22=Ni Ni=Nin Nin...see??
By the way, February 23 is Mt. Fuji day. This was named with a wordplay, too! Can you guess how it was named?
Japanese people love wordplays!
Now it's time for me to go.
4 8! (C ya!)

**Be My Princess: PARTY**
The Lion Prince of Liberty is prepared to celebrate his birthday...and he's looking for the biggest party in town!
With 3 Birthday Story routes (each with a Happy End from Keith's POV!) new avatars and the Birthday Liberty Manse Town Spot, this is sure to be his most unforgettable birthday ever!
Don't miss your chance to celebrate!
Are you just getting to know Prince Keith and want to go out on a sweet, flirtatious date?
Have you been a couple for a long time and are looking for something a little more romantic?
Or, will you help all the princes with their celebration instead?
Don't forget to go on Birthday Dates to get the Birthday Liberty Manse Town Spot--not only for LF and Cruz, but also to earn a special date story from the POV of Keith's loyal butler, Luke!
Send Prince Keith a birthday card to get a limited Liberty Leopard Parka avatar, too, and a reply from the Prince himself on his birthday!
And, log in to Twitter and Tumblr, and use the hashtag ‪#‎KeithBDParty‬ to keep the celebration going...and tell us what you love about this handsome prince!
Only until 2/27!

**My Forged Wedding: PARTY**
Birthday Magic -Sexy Darling's Sweet Request- Event has begun!
Celebrate Saeki's birthday! An event featuring your sexy hubby has begun!
Saeki has been out on a business trip for his birthday, but now he's finally back!
To celebrate his birthday, will you go out together alone on a romantic date? Or, will you go on an exciting trip together with the Kunian crew to Hawaii!?
Enjoy Saeki's Mini-Event!
**Route will be added on 2/21 11:00pm (UTC).
Be sure to check out...
*Super Early Clear Bonus:
Clear 1 Happy End by 2/21 11:00pm (UTC) and get Pudding that Saeki Loves!
*Early Clear Bonus:
Clear both Happy Ends by 2/24 7:00am (UTC) and get Pearl Eyes (Brown)!
*Many other Special Prizes will be waiting for you, so be sure to check them all!
Only until 2/27 3:00am (UTC)
**Be My Princess: PARTY**
Did you know that Prince Keith's birthday is February 22?
He may have the easiest birthday to remember with all those twos, but he knows he's number one!
Start your birthday celebration off right by spinning the brand new Prince Keith Story Gacha!
In this brand NEW story, you find Prince Keith at the basketball courts, practicing one of his favorite sports...but he might have something a little extra in mind!
Go use your free spin at the Gacha to get Part 1 of the 3-Part Story, and keep spinning to get limited avatars including an adorable bag of the lion mascot that's taking the Kingdom of Liberty by storm!
Every spin's a winner at this Gacha...but you knew that already if you're a fan of Liberty's prince!
Don't miss your chance to grab some extra Gems, too! The Glamorous Gem Campaign has come again, but only until 2/23!
And don't forget to finish your stories in the Valentine's event by using the 2x LF and Cruz fever until 2/20 6:59 (UTC)!
Good luck, and get ready...your Prince awaits!
Royal Midnight Kiss on Android
The new Gacha, Sleeping Together with Rene, is now available !
You can play it completely for free with love points !

Sub Story “A Spring Fling” – OUT NOW!
It’s your first trip ever with the ayakashi! And it’s ... a company retreat!?
Your man has decided to tag along on your company sponsored trip!
But his secret life isn’t so easy to hide... What’ll you do if your coworkers find out!?
Will this trip turn into the dreamy, romantic retreat you’ve been dreaming of?
...Or could it spell serious trouble for you and your man!?

Opening Movie for new game released!
Kyohei: "We've heard your cheers and we know what you want. We've got our opening movie out now!
The movie is great so make sure to check it out and start getting pumped for our international debut.
Make sure to tell us what you think! We'll be listening..."

(Go to Facebook to watch the Video-clip)

The secret deal with pop stars hidden from billions!
Japan's hottest boy band!
Five members perform, but the sixth--the lyricist--never shows his face.
However, his sudden disappearance has forced YOU to take his place!
"We're not letting you go, Little Miss Ghostwriter."
You're about to embark on a life of deception and glamour alongside national pop stars!

Special Story: Kiss after the Case
Kiyoharu & Naomasa
Sakuya & Rui

You and the guys go on an undercover investigation in a hospital and a police station! Can you uncover the culprit??
Uncover the culprit and spend some sweet, sexy time with your man!!
Sub story: Cocktail of Revenge is out now!
~Cocktail of Revenge~
In "Under the Cherry Blossom Tree",
everyone made fun of Yamato.
This time, Yamato decides
to get revenge on them.

Yuto - His Point of View story is OUT NOW!
"The first one of us to land the 'unlandable woman' wins."
What started as a silly competition to see who could get more girls with his buddy, turns out to be much more... You manage to turn this lusty playboy into a sensitive softie... HOW? Once a playboy, always a playboy right??
Find out in His Point of View story NOW!

New Fashion Gacha OPEN!
Couple's Tea Party Fashion Gacha is now available!
Wear wonder outfits to have a Afternoon Tea Party with your hubby that's coming up! There's a Gacha Medal sale with Closet space going on too, so don't miss it!

Gacha ends on 3/2 7:00am (UTC).
Happy Spinning!

Sequel series “Song of Spring” is NOW released in Scarlet Fate (paid version)!
Come to see how happily your life have turned out after the main story with all five characters. Just like the warm rays of sunlight in the spring, your beloved man will be there to comfort you so sweetly.
That’s not all!! These stories come with background music and sound effects that make the story even richer! Enjoy them together with new photos!

The Seasonal Ritual Lucky Draw is now available!
Try the Lucky Draw and win the event story “Bean Scattering Match”, in which all the characters are brought together. And in this story, they compete for a reward from you at the Bean Scattering Competition. Can you guess who will be the winner?
Plus, from the Lucky Draw, you have a chance to win the Ninja Look or the Spring Date Look, and what’s more, you will get the limited-edition avatar item (as an early bird special) by winning all prizes by Feb. 23, 23:00 (PST).

New Event Slot!
Luca “Hey guys. Do you know about the Love Holiday?”
Elias “Of course. That’s the day for lovers. They express their loves towards their partners.”
Yukiya “...The most commonly they’ll do by giving a present, right?”
Luca “Right. All gentlemen got to give the most memorable present for girls on that day.”
Yukiya “...By the way, I heard that the Slot event is coming up soon.”
Luca “I think there’ll be some cute gothic-lolita items too. I wanna see her putting those on and go out together.”
Elias “And…I don’t want to remember this, but there will be a short story of us... I am absolutely not ready to accept others to read and see me in that story...”
Luca “Ah, you mean, about THAT mini-episode huh. We were so much troubled making decision of what present we should give to her.”
Yukiya&Elias “......*Sigh*”
Luca “Well, I hope we could keep our privacy a little more y’know...”

Royal Midnight Kiss on Android
The new Gacha, Sleeping Together with Rene, is now available !
You can play it completely for free with love points !

♪♫Top Secret Information!!♫♪
Our long-awaited brand-new app comes out in March!
You’re about to get up close and personal with the nationally famous boy band Revance! Wait, just how up close are we talking?!
More information to come!

★☆~Earn 5 tickets on Sweet Cafe~☆★
Get MORE Voltage Tickets by participating in the Star-Crossed Myth & Sweet Cafe Link Campaign!!
Steps are super easy!
1. Install both Star-Crossed Myth and Sweet Cafe
2. Link the two apps
3. Purchase Leon's Main Story on Star-Crossed Myth

Earn a total of 5 tickets through this Link Campaign♪♪♪
Campaign lasts until the end of the month;
Link and purchase Leon's Main story by this time and you'll get 5 tickets!
**Another way to get MORE tickets: Log in everyday on Sweet Cafe and earn a ticket for every 5 consecutive days you log in**
**Get up to 6 tickets in one month and read MORE exclusive mini stories on Sweet Cafe**
◆◆◆How to link the apps with Sweet Cafe◆◆◆
- Open Sweet Cafe app
- In the Top page, click on the green heart "Link with Voltage apps" icon
- Select the app from the app icons available
- Click "Yes" to the question "Would you like to start the app?"
- You will be brought to the selected app
- A banner "Link with Sweet Cafe" will appear in the News pop-up
- Click on that banner and click yes
- If the sync is successful, you will be directed to a webpage that says "You have successfully synced with Sweet Cafe".
- Click on "Play at Sweet Cafe"
- You will be directed to the Sweet Cafe app and the tickets received will be reflected shortly after.
(It may take a while for the tickets to be reflected on Sweet Cafe, depending on the wi-fi connection.)

Armed & Engaged: Hanai is OUT NOW!!
Just as you’re moving ever closer to the next stage, the absolute worst happens… and the story behind it packs a nasty punch.
You and Hanai have never been in danger like this before.
Could this be it for you two?!

Love Letter from Thief X
*☆* Attention Fans! *☆*
Yuki's Sequel & Sequel Epilogue are OUT NOW!

Kazuki - His Point of View story is OUT NOW!
"Well, this is probably some kind of fate. Might as well enjoy it."
We often hear women discussing about their experiences with exes, but very seldom do we get to hear the ex-BOYFRIEND's point of view on things.
Why'd you break up with Kazuki and what's going on in that head of his when you guys reunite after so long?
Is there a scandalous love triangle with you, Kazuki and..... AKI?
Find out in His Point of View story NOW!
Mahiro's Senior Year Story and Epilogue is now available!
Unsure of what you want to do in college, you've been spreading yourself too thin. Mahiro wants to do everything in his power to help you find your path. What will your future hold???
Read all of his past stories... Mahiro's Bundle is also available now!!!

Tsumugu's Main Story and Epilogue is out now!!!
Tsumugu is smart and sophisticated, but Mr. Kido is lazy and stingy. You're the only one who gets to see both sides of him. Dive into the dual life of Tsumugu Kido now!!!

~Leon’s Sequel & Sequel Epilogue are OUT NOW~
The former goddess Eris who fell from grace because she loved Leon has appeared before you.
Her presence spells trouble for you and Leon, happily in love with each other...
Can the love you and Leon share stand up to your biggest crisis yet?!
☆Early Bird Giveway☆
Buy Leon's stories and get a special image!
☆Limited time only☆
Sub Story "Leon: His PoV " featuring a new app's prologue!!
Don't miss it!!

Sub story: Something Sweet My Darling Loves is out now!
~Something Sweet My Darling Loves~
On Valentine's Day,
will you give chocolate to your guy?
Or get it from him?
There are two routes to play
-Darling or Honey!

"Sweet Cafe by Voltage" is NOW AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD!!
9 Stories are FREE NOW!!
Read never before released EXCLUSIVE mini stories of more than 40 characters on our new app, Sweet Cafe♪
Find out what it's like to live under the same roof as Takuto, Yamato, AND Subaru.
Or experience a sweet Valentines story with your favorite Thief X characters Takuto and Riki.
Go back to old favorites like In Your Arms Tonight and 10 Days with my Devil and re-read the prologues.
We've NEVER done this before, but because of ALL of the support and encouragement we always receive from the fans around the world, we are giving away the below 9 mini stories in Sweet Cafe for FREE!
◆Gold Medal Love: Eisuke◆
◆Gold Medal Love: Soryu◆
◆Gold Medal Love: Baba◆
◆Gold Medal Love: Yamato◆
◆Love Battle: Takeshi vs Rihito◆
◆Today he's kind of...: Joshua◆
◆Today he's kind of...: Riki◆
◆Today he's kind of...: Ren◆
◆Kiss and Hug: Takuto◆
How to read the other mini stories on Sweet Cafe:
Get your mini stories by exchanging them with Voltage Tickets!
Voltage Tickets can be obtained by purchasing stories from the other Voltage game apps and linking the game apps with Sweet Cafe!
Link NOW and get tickets from purchased stories in the last 60 days!
For more details, install Sweet Cafe!!!
!!IMPORTANT!!: It may take a few hours for the Sweet Cafe link banner to appear on the NEWS page of certain Voltage game apps. Please go back to the app in a few hours and try linking again.
Do you enjoy romance novels? Love to stay in and watch romance movies on weekends?
Love anime art? Shojo manga? Cute boys??
Interested but don't really know which Voltage app to start with...?
If you said YES to any one of those, then welcome to Sweet Cafe--
Voltage's NEW portal site!

★◎My Sweet Bodyguard◎★
Are you ready to get married to your sweetheart?
Kaiji's Wedding Story is OUT NOW!!
Before you officially tie the knot, you & Kaiji decide to visit his parents in England! But one thing leads to another and Kaiji decides to stay in England... for a whole year!? Will he be able to protect you from all the way across the world? What will happen to your relationship...!?
"Hold on to this ring... I'll come back to you soon!"

Sub story: Chocolate Kiss is out now!
~Chocolate Kiss Story~
A sexy Valentine's night with your guy.
What will you choose?
Exciting and sweet...
Or romantic and bitter?

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder
Are you the Baddest Bidder? In honor of KBTBB's 1st anniversary take part in our anniversary quiz. Prove that you know your stuff for a chance to receive a special email from the guys!!!
Remember you must get all the answers correct to receive the email, and you have to submit your quiz by February 27th!
All the answers can be found in the 1st season of the app, so now is a great time to revisit the guys at the Hotel Tres Spades!!!
Welcome to Cafe Tres Spades OUT NOW!
Experience a different kind of Bidder
❇❈❇Happy Anniversary Bidder Fans!!!!!!❇❈❇
Coming Soon:
3 Days of Bidder Collaborations!!!

Yukinojo: Sub Story “A Poem from Him” – OUT NOW!
Yukinojo doesn't want to be forgotten and sacrifices his life for you...
*Comes with a His PoV story!

Now Available!!!! Nozomu Main Story, End Set, Epilogue!!!
Nozomu holds on to me tightly.
His arm feels wet and slippery under my fingers.
(Nozomu's been shot...!)
"I finally understand...how much you mean to me."
"...Hm? Which one did I hit?"
A voice interrupts Nozomu.
(That voice...)
In the darkness, a figure slowly emerges.

Valentines Stories are Now Available!
★Sweeter than Chocolate★
The day before Valentines Day, the school is full of excitement! You try to prepare some chocolate for your guy, but it doesn’t go as easily as you thought…will you spend a day with your guy that’s sweeter than chocolate?
★Couple's Contest★
Your university decides to hold a special Valentines Contest for couples in love, and the winners get a free trip to the hot springs! But before you compete in the contest, a lot of things happen…will you and your guy be able to win?!
★Lovesick Valentines★
One day you come down with a fever, and Johji stays right by your side taking care of you the whole night! After several days you open your eyes and…?! How will this mature Valentines Day end?

New Sub Story
It's been one year since you were auctioned off to the baddest bidder. Today you can choose one of them to do YOUR bidding. Who will you choose? What will you make them do...
Welcome to Cafe Tres Spades OUT NOW!
Experience a different kind of Bidder

Coming Soon:
3 Days of Bidder Collaborations!!!

*☆* Attention Fans! *☆*
Thank you for waiting so long!
Now Takuto's Licensed to Wed Sequel is available!
Takuto lovess you so much, he'd die to save you!?
Can you stop him from sacrificing himself!?

Producer K's Dev Notes #75
"February 2 was pigtail day in Japan.
...It's me, Producer K, who loves pigtails but completely forgot about it.

Thank you all for sharing your ideas about the new screenplay!
Oh boy, was this time so much "richer" than the last time! You never stopped surprising me when I was reading your comments.
Personally, I loved the idea where Tori's relative comes to town to avenge his death,
But, well...
Why don't we leave Tori alone for a moment, you know...?

So I've picked up 9 ideas out of all the ideas you gave us together with the Ninja Assassin+ crew.
Vote for which one of the 9 ideas you want to read most in the app!
(Just between you and me, my friends, I've made some arrangements in the app so you'll get 1 Sushi if you vote! *evil grin*)
Going back to work now! C ya!"

New Special Story!

"Aaa-choo-lovin’-u!! Breaking news!!
In Niflheim, a sour-sweet sickness is raging about!
Aaa-choo-lovin’-u!! The name of it is LOVESICKNESS...!!!!

The sight of these petals of unknown origin fluttering about is just unearthlily...
I mean, we’re in Niflheim, not earth, but... It’s so beautiful!!!
It looks like we are going to have you on an adventure to find out the cause of this sickness, or take care of us while we lie sick in bed...
This year’s Valentine Day is going to be a busy one!
And uh-oh! Something BIG and troublesome is going to come along?!
We will never bore you, not even for a second!
Please enjoy this day made sweeter and more charming by this sickness of love than any other day!
"Let's dig in!"
Ninjas are starving while on their journey. Guess what happened after they arrived at the rest stop...?
Share it & enjoy it!

"Sweet Valentine's Day"Event Part 2

Who will you be with on Valentine's Day?
Make your special day sweeter than chocolates!
Part 2 of the event story “Sweet Valentine's Day” is out!!

Limited Time Offer!
Period: Until Feb. 18, 8:00 p.m. (PST)
Price: 200P-Coin per Chapter
*After the period above, the price will be 300P-Coin.

New Event Story
Hey, guess what? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s me, Goemon. Just want to drop you a quick note and tell you that NEW event story “Melty Lips♡” is released today. And it is too hot to be missed! I’m sure you will love the story.
It is available from Feb. 8, 11:00 PM to Feb. 15, 11:00 PM (PST).
Do you know in Japan, Valentine’s Day is the day when women express their love to their loved ones. I know maybe we are a little different. But whatever it is, Valentine’s Day is the day of LOVE! My love is all for you!!!

New Event!
There’s a buzz about customs from foreign countries - men show their love by giving women flowers. Can you imagine how he would do that? It’d be sweeter than scents of flowers...
New event "Box of Treats -Proof of Love-" started! Get event dice and try the event slot!
Now is the time! Get 30 hanafuda cards with trying the event slot!
Box of Treats-Event period: Until Mar. 1st 11:59 p.m. (PST)
★Sleepless Cinderella : Story Campaign starts Now!★
Get 500 Salary or 1 Gem for every 5 episodes you complete!
You can also get lots of super romantic Free Items as you progress in the story♪
Don’t miss this chance!

★Sleepless Cinderella : New Valentine’s Day Gacha★
Get in the mood with this super cute date outfit! With 360 Glamour Points, he won’t be able to take his eyes off of you♪

Chocolate House Reform Campaign 
@ My Forged Wedding: PARTY!
Collect Chocolate Points by continuing your Main Story and turn your house into a super sweet Chocolate House! Don't miss the bonus stories and adorable interior items you can get during this campaign!
Enjoy the Chocolate House Reform Campaign -Be His Valentine- on now!
Only until 2/19 (7:00am UTC)
Enter Now!

★New Release!! ★
Sleepless Cinderella: PARTY! Available for IOS and Android users today!

Get ready for our Valentine's Weekend Sale!

From 2/14-2/16:
João and Emmett Acts 1 and 2 will be $0.99!

***New release*** for Android users & soon for iOS users!

"Mizuko - Mystical Butterfly"

********The plot for "Mystical Butterfly - The Golden Butterfly -*********
Even the soul cursed to bring death, has the right to know the happiness and the love. This is a story of forbidden love between a kami and a youkai. From this moment it begins a battle full of love, revenge, hatred and sadness, and only the true light will be able to win. Will the golden butterfly be able to save her love and her friends from the darkness?

A new gacha is out ! Sleeping Together with Edward...!
You can spin this gacha with love points !
You'll receive a comment from Edward with all normal items and a new story with the rare item !
Check it out !

Kyoga: Sub Story “A Poem from Him” – OUT NOW!
“A kiss from you is all I want for now.”
You’re trapped in a sweet romantic dream, and can’t get out!
Which Kyoga is real?

*Comes with a His PoV story!

Now Available!
Soma: Falling in Love
Have you met Soma yet?
If not, check out Soma: Meeting Him.
And now, it's time to fall in love with the sweet, gentle instructor Soma!

Discover his true personality in Soma: Falling in Love!

*~A new character is coming to Dreamy!!~*
Remember that quiet, mysterious guy that started working at Black Ship? Well it turns out that you may be more connected to him than you thought! Will you find out what's behind that cold exterior?
If this post gets over 300 shares OR likes, we will reveal some secret information about the new guy in the in-app news page!

Special Valentine's Day Stories: "Operation Be My Valentine" and "Operation Valentine Chocolate" are out now!

Time to make your Valentine's Chocolates♡ The men of Seasonelle receive mountains of chocolates every year. Will yours be able to stand out from the rest? Will you be able to grow closer to your man? Or will your Valentine's Day be bittersweet like dark chocolate?

"My Official Valentine" & "Chocolate Rush" stories are OUT NOW!!!
☆"My Official Valentine" - Go on an extra special Valentine's date with the Public Safety Officers! Will you choose to go to the hot springs with Ishigami, the island of Okinawa with Kurosawa, or spend the night with Goto?
☆"Chocolate Rush" - Your Valentine's with the Bodyguards will be even better this year than last! You decide to make homemade chocolates for your bodyguards... but each of them also have something special in store for you!! Have a sweet time!
☆Recommended Story - "St. Valentine's Day"
Go back and relive your first Valentine's Day with the bodyguards!

Graduation Trip Crush: Taketo & Yasuto are OUT NOW!
Your high-school days are coming to an end…
But to make the most of your time together, you and your crush decide to go on a graduation trip!

Enjoy some romantic time with him in the new Sub Stories!

Kazuki Serizawa - The Notorious Ex-Boyfriend -
Main story and Epilogue are NOW AVAILABLE!

You still remember the toxic taste of his lips that made you tremble with emotions.
The sophisticated confidence that made your heart pound like thunder.
No man has ever made you feel so great.... but also so broken like Kazuki Serizawa did.

He comes back into your life and you are as confused as EVER!
Are some things just destined to be? Or is this all a huge mistake?!?!

Yuya's Senior Year Epilogue is out now!!!
You're on a date with Yuya when you're suddenly roped into Yuya's club initiation. But what do the club members have in store for you...?!

★Dreamy Days in West Tokyo - Scavenger Hunt!★
*~Join us on an exciting scavenger hunt adventure!!~*
From February 2-16th, we will have keywords hidden all over the Dreamy Days in West Tokyo App! All participants must collect three keywords under a certain category to win a prize. We will have three prizes for each of the three categories users can participate in.
There are three categories of keywords.
Lone star: *
Twin star: **
Triple star: ***
The higher the star level the more difficult the clue is to find!
In order to claim a prize you need 3 keywords of the same star category.
Lone star: A special Dreamy Days in West Tokyo Event Illustration.
Twin star: Contest only exclusive True Love Sweet Lies and Dreamy Days in West Tokyo crossover side story.
Triple star: Sneak peak of Koh’s story.
↓↓↓For more detailed info, check out our Tumblr page!↓↓↓
☆★Happy hunting!!☆★

Check out my "Scavenger Hunt" Page! There we all try to figure out the codewords to get the Bonuses. So if you want to have it too, go straight to THIS page!

~Your HOLIDAY CAMPAIGN gift from us~
New App Release --> Sweet Cafe by Voltage... coming out next week!
MORE details on Sweet Cafe:
Your chance to learn more about your favorite Voltage guy!
....or even about a NEW Voltage guy you've never come across before?

Browse through each character page and check to see if there's a new character you'd like to try out!
FREE prologues of each game app will also be included, meaning you can re-read your favorite prologues anytime, or try out a prologue of a new app if you haven't installed it yet.
We will be releasing a total of 9 NEVER BEFORE RELEASED, SWEET CAFE EXCLUSIVE stories FOR FREE for the game apps that have reached the TOP 3 in the three holiday campaigns.
FREE Sweet Cafe stories from the below game apps will be included:
*Kissed by the Baddest Bidder (3 stories.. winner of holiday campaign 1, 2, and 3)
*Be My Princess (1 story.. winner of holiday campaign 2)
*Love Letter From Thief X (2 stories..winner of holiday campaign 2 and 3)
*Dreamy Days in West Tokyo (1 story.. winner of holiday campaign 1)
*My Forged Wedding (2 stories.. winner of holiday campaign 1 and 3)
Why wouldn't you download Sweet Cafe??
It will be released NEXT WEEK GUYS! STAY TUNED!!!!

The Allure of Chocolate
Your first Valentine’s Day together
You make some special chocolates for your man, and in thanks he attacks?! Was there an aphrodisiac in that recipe? Enjoy a super-sweet night with your man!!!
♢♤ This special Valentine's Day story was originally released mid-season 1 in Japan. Please enjoy going back the beginning of your romance with your guy!! ♡♧
❇❈❇Happy Anniversary Bidder Fans!!!!!!❇❈❇
Thank you for making our first year so FABULOUS!! You are the best fans ever!! We have an exciting month ahead so keep your eyes on our app and the Facebook page!! First up is the Valentines story!
Coming Soon:
Butlers' Kisses, and Collaboration Riches!!!

Subaru's Wedding Story is OUT NOW!

Are you ready to get married?

You & Subaru are finally making preparations for your long awaited wedding! But a certain incident may change the future of the bodyguard team forever! Will Subaru be able to keep protecting you? And What about the wedding...!?

9 FREE STORIES from the top games from the holiday campaign will be released on Sweet Cafe... We will be announcing the top games and stories very soon so stay tuned.
P.S. Sweet Cafe will be coming out SHORTLY after the highly anticipated Star-Crossed Myth!
Can't wait for February? We can't either
★Dreamy Days in West Tokyo - Now Available!★
*~Johji's Story Bundle is Out Now!!~*
By buying the story bundle, you will receive the following:

★Season 1 Main Story
★Season 1 Epilogue
★Season 1 Sequel
All three stories for a 20% discount! Don't miss out!
If you buy the bundle OR have all the stories in the bundle bought separately by February 4th, you will receive a very special never before seen image at a later date!
**Warning: Make sure to use your transfer codes when deleting and re-installing the app to ensure that the image appears when it is released.**

Now Available!!!!
Rui Sequel, End Set, Epilogue!!!
You and Rui are going undercover in the Tokyo underground!? Investigating a shady host club and going on a date...in public? Wait what?
Rui is ready to take your relationship public but are you ready to stand with him in the limelight...?

*☆* Attention Fans! *☆*
Riki's Licensed to Wed Sequel is now available!
Riki wants to quit the Black Foxes!?
Support your fiance during this time of crisis!

★Our Two Bedroom Story - Now Available!★
Minato's "Don't Tell him I'm Popular!" and "After the Crisis" are now available!
Just when you thought you could relax together with Minato, you end up living in a shared apartment with all the guys from Seasonelle! And that includes Tsumugu...who appears to have a thing for you!
What could go wrong?
Haruka Wedding Bells stories - are out now!

~Wedding Bells Story~
You’ve been busy getting ready for the upcoming nuptials.
But the more you prepare to become part of the Utsunomiya family,
the more the pressure is starting to get to you...
Right when you think you can’t take it anymore,
an old college buddy comes back into your life.
But this friend brings trouble with him...

Coming soon!

Today is Saeki Takamasa's birthday!
Which means there'll be something special for his wife... but Saeki seems out on a business trip at the moment!?
Look forward to celebrating his birthday later on this month! If you haven't sent a card yet, you still have time to get a special sweet message with an avatar in return! Be sure to check it out too!

As for Valentine's Day, there will be a Reform Campaign coming soon too, so keep posted! Here's a little peek for the avatars to come!

The Royal Valentine Chocolate Collection Gacha is Now Open!
Get elegant avatars fashioned around everyone's favorite part of Valentine's...the chocolates!
With Strawberry Chocolate, Mocha Chocolate and White Chocolate avatars to get, there's sure to be something for everyone in this sweet collection!

It's only available until 2/16 6:59 (UTC), so don't miss your chance to pick up some cute avatars to make your Valentine's dates better than ever!


The Dear My Darling -Secret Chocolate Mission- Event has begun!
There's a unique custom in Japan for Valentine's Day: it's the girls who give chocolate to their loved ones! Return gifts are sent back on another day, White Day, but save that for later. As for now...
Valentine's Day is coming up! How will you spend your first Valentine with your sweet hubby? You know Yamato's not the type to get excited about these kinds of things, but you can't help yourself from dreaming of a romantic date. Ren doesn't seem interested either, but Takao's sweet as ever, volunteering to plan the date. Meanwhile, Saeki and Kunihiko both may have a surprise secret for you to find out...
Happy Valentine's Day!
**Ren and Saeki's route will be added on 2/4(UTC).
Be sure to check out...
*Super Early Clear Bonus:
Clear 2 Happy Ends by 2/1 7:00am (UTC) and get a Sweet Heart Outfit!
*Early Clear Bonus Part 1:
Clear 3 Happy Ends by 2/4 7:00am (UTC) and get a Sweet Heart Hairstyle!
*Early Clear Bonus Part 2:
Clear 4 Happy Ends by 2/7 1:00am (UTC) and get Sweet Heart Eyes (Green)!
*Many other Special Prizes will be waiting for you, so be sure to check them all!
Only until 2/10 7:00am (UTC)!

[New Release] 

"Sweet Valentine's Day" Part 1
Who will you be with on Valentine's Day?
Make your special day sweeter than chocolates!
Have you read the event story “Sweet Valentine's Day” yet?
You will receive a special avatar item from him every time you finish reading a chapter.
Collect all items to complete a chic date style for Valentine's Day!
Have a sweet melty time with him!
Limited Time Offer!
Period: Until Feb. 11, 8:00 p.m. (PST)
Price: 200P-Coin per Chapter
*After the period above, the price will be 300P-Coin.

New Spin off

Yukiya “...Today, we are here to invite you to the new event, Magic Competition.”
Luca “Sounds fun right?! That’s the biggest event of the academy. There’s gonna be a dance party too y’know.”
Yukiya “...Foods there are good too.”
Elias “I can’t wait……since she’ll be here this year, so… *mumble*”
Luca “Ah? What did you just say, Elias? *evil grin*”
Elias “N-Nothing! Just start the announcement already!”
Luca “Alright, alright. For the early bird bonus, you can experience another new ending for the spin-off! Isn’t it cool?! Got to be really romantic and sweet, so can’t miss it.”
Yukiya “Plus, you’ll get a special photo too.”
Luca “Uh-huh. And, the early bird special will be hold until… when was it, Yukiya?”
Yukiya “February 11th.”
Luca “Yup, that’s right. We all will be at the party waiting for you, my princess!”

The spin-off early bird bonus special event ends on Feb. 11, 6:00 pm (PST).

The Pale Ghost (Nick) - Infos

Princess! This is an emergency!!
I’ve found a shocking note!!!
I traveled to the land of the living, and voila, a note was left on a desk!
I immediately knew that I had to share it with you, so I put it in my breast pocket and brought it back here (`・ω´・ ●)*accomplished look*
Hmm? Where do I have a pocket, you say? Well, I will explain it to you some other day! Now please read the details...
[A Radical Analysis of The Mysterious Pale Ghost]
*Mysterious is a unit of mysteriousness.

① Eyes: 30 Mysterious  - These can see far into the distance. They are very capable. Critical eyes. Gold in color.
② Nick♡: 100 Mysterious - Full of mystery. Famous for being negative, but that’s just one side of him...?!
③ Bellybutton: 75 Mysterious - Has a good shape. A weak point of the ticklish Nick.
④ Hands: 68 Mysterious - Move skillfully. Can even draw realistic pictures. Long fingers.
⑤ Belt: 21 Mysterious - Picked up somewhere in the castle. Probably belongs to Jean.
⑥ Scarf: 89 Smile - Long and has a hood, so when it’s cold, it can be used as a blanket. Has flecks of stars woven in.
⑦ Lips: 12000 Mysterious - Rather thin. Usually open vacantly when doing nothing.

NEW CHARCTER is coming soon!
Finally, Ichika is on its way! <3

New Spin off!
Here comes Valentine's Day!!
New Spin-off "Touch My Heart" is released!!
(All 10 Characters Stories)
Collect Roses and get Lovely Chibi Photos
Valentine's day version!!!
Early Birds Period until Feb. 15, 1:00 am (PST).

Share your ideas!
Producer K's Dev Notes #74
Hi there everyone! It's me, Producer K, who's playing Training in Ninja Assassin+ collecting Sugar Candy all day.
...is the title of our latest screenplay event, and we were able to release the screenplays of which you offered us your precious ideas!
Producer K: Let's do that again!!!!!!
Screenwriter: Let's do that again!!!!!!
You: Let's do that again!!!!!!
Alright, we heard ya!
So let's do it one more time! Would you share your ideas about what you want to read in Ninja Assassin+ again as comments below?
Like last time, we're going to pick 9 or so ideas from your comments and hold a ballot in the app!!
We'd really really appreciate your participation!!!!

【Warm-up Q&A】
Today I will faithfully answer the variety of the questions I received from the world of the living!
Q: I want to see a photo of Jean!!!
A: please check my twitter.
I will upload the pictures I took there!
(`・ω´・ ●)
Q: Will J.J. and Philippe start tweeting?
A: OH! Because the great author is busy with his writing, and J.J. with his studies, they will not have their own accounts and tweet. But I have plans for them to come to my account as guests and have them tweet! How would you like that? (o..o)
Q: When will Philippe’s new novel be out?
A: Good question... The truth is… I don’t know。゜(`Д´)゜。 。゜; However! I know exactly how you are anxious, so I will remember to ask the great master of literature! (。+・`ω・´)
Q: Do I have a chance to have romance with you, Skeletiano? 
A: Oh, m-m-my! Oh, oh, my g-g-g-god of flawless whiteness!! How passionate those words are!!! Then how about I give you my e-mail address...Ahem! J-j-just joking. I have to stop messing around before Count Orlando comes at me with his... (^_^)
Q: How did you spend your holidays, Skeletiano?
A: If you are interested, please check my twitter.ヾ(●´∀`●)
⇒ https://twitter.com/Skeletiano
Thank you for checking my twitter that I started last year! I am looking very forward to communicating with you this year as well. I am very sorry that I cannot reply to your comments so often, but please let me remind you that I read each and every one of your messages♪ Your warm messages always seem to cleanse my heart into a bright white one...!!! I bet my whitest white color of my bones come from your words, which even surpass T*de or Dow*y...!!! Thank you always♡
By the way, this is my friends' twitter account! You can count on my white, glistening bones that you'll see interesting things there. Please visit them some time!

◇ https://twitter.com/madhatter_tp
◇ https://twitter.com/HumptyDumpty_WL

Ash’s Main Story is now OUT!

About Ash's main story
Always sleepy, he has a mysterious air about him.
However, the serious side of him that he shows occasionally is nothing like his usual self.
“If you can't make a ‘Heart’, you're going to be killed, right?
Do you...really understand what it means to have your life at stake?”
What kind of past has this man with a large sword endured?

NEW Spin off
"Let's put on a play together!" The vigilantes are now assembled into an impromptu theatrical troupe at Hotaka's suggestion! A real ninja is playing a ninja role... How will the curtain fall on them?
A new spin-off is released! The story is available for a limited time only! Check it before it’s too late! A new photo is specially made for this story. Read the story and get the special photo!

Shall we date?: Ninja Assassin+
Hanafuda Avalanche
Event Period: Until Feb. 18th 8 p.m. (PST)

165 New avatar items are now on sale!
We've prepared lots of avatar items: elfish style, sweet devil style, wizard style, princess style, and sweets style.
Which coordinates would you like?
Please get these outfits in the avatar shop.
Don’t miss them!!

A new wind of romance is blowing in Niflheeeee―q(●′∀`)p―♪♪eeeeim!!
The door to the mysterious “Pale Ghost” is finally! Finally! Open!! *rattle rattle* *clap clap*
You will come to know his true face, his name...who he really is, that he’s never shown anyone before ……(o..o)!

By the way, isn’t it a bit cold here...?? I’ve been rattling the whole time,
but I’m not laughing! I feel a certain...chilliness...? Running down my spine...
OH!! I hear my sixth sense telling me... That something big and troublesome is going to happen in Niflheim...!
However, however! What is danger but spice to true love?★ It is sure to deepen your bond with him when you overcome it together!
Please enjoy this thrilling and spicy romance with this mysterious man to the fullest!
New event story “Can’t Stop Loving You” is now available!
Before returning to Theodore, we stayed in Logres in order to recover from exhaustion.
We are relaxed about the day off, but...

Ethan smiled mischievously, and he let go of my hand and we stood up...!?
Ray and I hid ourselves in the shadow of a nearby bookshelf...!?
Estel kissed my tears after a strong wind blew...!?
Please enjoy these stories!!

Star Collection started!
Luca “Hi, princess! How’s everything going? I forgot all my problems cuz I could see you today...”
Elias “Luca, stop speaking such a hackneyed phrase...”
Yukiya “Don’t forget that we’ve come here to explain her about that event.”
Luca “Oh, I almost forgot about that. Hey, princess. The newest event, Star★Collection is starting soon.”
Elias “During the event, you can get special prizes by collecting Stars.”
Luca “We’ve already saw one of the prizes earlier. Right, Yukiya?”
Yukiya “...Yeah. That avatar item was gorgeous and beautiful.”
Luca “There’re so many items that girls would love to have, so check them out!”
Yukiya “We’re waiting for you at the event.”
Elias “I regret to tell you that we must end here. Luca, Yukiya. Let’s head back to prepare for the event.”

The Limited Event "Late Night Moonlit Date" - My Sweet Proposal is OPEN on Android and iOS !

【Schedule】 From February 6th 17:00 (Japan Time) to February 16th 15:00 (Japan Time)
After a party, you missed the last train,
your beloved one was waiting for you near the pool.
What about a date just the two of you,
under the moonlight ?
□■Today's courses■□
◎Sakura course:
Sakura "Would you like to go to see the moon with me ?"
You rent a room at the party's place
and decide to spend the night there !
What will happen in the pool...?!
◎Seo Course:
Seo "Would you go on a date with me until morning ?"
He decides to go in a bar with you,
and you get drunk ?!
Then he reveals the surprise he prepared for you !
BE CAREFUL ! Todo's course and Mitsui's course will be released on February 9th !
Have fun♪
Enjoy an adult date late at night and earn a lot of rewards!

The Limited Event "Moon Light Edo Village" - Royal Midnight Kiss is now open on iOS devices!
A date with the Prince to Moonlight Edo Village !
In a world looking like a movie, he's getting so excited !
Edward "You are so sexy"
Rene "What's good about kimono is that they're easy to take off..."
Asim "Whatever you wear, you're so beautiful"
Enjoy a very original date in another century♪

The Limited Event "Princess in disguise" - Royal Midnight Kiss is OPEN !
【Event Schedule】2015/01/26 17:00 (Japan Time)~2015/02/09 15:00 (Japan Time)
A lot of rewards to win, check it out !

Birthday Card available
Available until 2/9 am (UTC). Around his Birthday (2/5) you will get a reply and the Necklace.

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