15 February, 2015

[Walkthrough] Be my Princess (Party) - The Princess' Valentine Event - Wilfred


Stage 1: The Chocolate War

A: Hide in a gap in the wall. (+200 Love Factors)
B: Step closer to Prince Wilfred.

~Love Factor Mission~
Need 100 LF 

~Love Factor Mission~
Need 500 LF

Stage 2: Valentine Magic

A: Ask him on a date. (+200 Love Factors)
B: Ask him to dinner.

~Avatar Mission~
Heart-Shaped Purse (Charm +30) - 1 Gem or 3,000 Cruz

~Love Factor Mission~
Need 2,000 LF

Stage 3: A Failed Plan?!

A: Look at Prince Wilfred.
B: Decide where to go on your own. (+200 Love Factors)

~Love Factor Mission~
Need 4,500 LF 

~Avatar Mission~
Wide Pants with Ribbon (Charm +60) - 3 Gems or 6,000 Cruz

~Love Factor Mission to get the Secret Happy End~
Need 8,500 Personal LF

Stage 4: Valentines Under the Stars

A: Will you make one for me? (+200 Love Factors)
B: Can I make one too?

~Love Factor Mission~
Need 11,000 LF 

~Love Factor Mission~
Need 16,000 LF 

Happy End

A: Tell her not to be scared.
B: Hold her tightly and rub her back. (+200 Love Factors)

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