21 February, 2015

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Ninja Assassin + Ichika

Main Story

(*Note: You'll need a "Ritual Arrow" to get the Sweet Ending. You can get it by buying it with real money, or from the Koban Slot (you need to collect 10 tickets for one Arrow, chance to get = 25%, you get 2 tickets at a time). Also, the Stylish Level might differ from what is written here, depending on how many routes you have played. The one mentioned here is for your first route.)

(Special Thanks to Renee for her help!)

Chapter 1

1.08 Please don't be upset.
I didn't want you to worry. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

1.10 Get CG

1.11 I promise. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
I'll try.

Chapter 2

2.02 That's impossible.
That would be nice, but... [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

2.09 I'm fine. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
He grabbed my hand.

Chapter 3

3.02 Stylish Level Checkpoint
Need Stylish Level at 300

3.05 Ichika, that wasn't called for. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
What's wrong Ichika?

3.09 Forget it. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
All right.

Chapter 4

4.03 Ichika [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

4.10 Get CG

4.10 It's not too much?
No, I love it. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

(Get a Love Letter)

Chapter 5

5.02 Item Checkpoint 
Need 5x Purses

5.03 Stop him [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
Wait and see what happens.

5.04 Nonsense. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
Snap out of it!

(Get a Love Letter)

Chapter 6

6.02 Minigame Checkpoint
33% Success Rate

6.04 Yes! [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

6.08 Yes, I like him. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
I supppose.

6.09 Get CG

Chapter 7

7.02 Me too. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

7.03 Item Checkpoint 
 Need 3x Purses

7.08 Pull my hand away 
Continue to hold hands [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 8

8.03 Stylish Level Checkpoint
Need Stylish Level at 900

8.04 I understand. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

Hang in there.

8.08 Don't beat yourself up.

Thank you. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 9

9.02 Not at all.

How did you know? [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

9.03 Minigame Checkpoint
11 % Success Rate

9.08 Hairpins. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 10

10.01 Get CG

10.03 Item Checkpoint 
Need 12 x Purses

10.03 Get CG

10.04 You’re just as cool, Ichika. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]


10.07 That’s enough! [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
Don't give up!

10.12 Get CG

Happy Ending:

11.04 Item Checkpoint 
Need 6 x Purses

(Get Love Letter, get CG)

Sweet Ending

11.05 Item Checkpoint 
Need 8 x Purses

(Get Love Letter, get CG)

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  1. Hi, the second answer on chapter 7 is wrong. It is "continue to hold hands"