22 March, 2015

[Walkthrough] Be my Princess (Party) - The Prince's Love Gift Event - Glenn


Stage 1

~Love Factor Mission~
Need 100 LF 

A: I was just out for a walk...
B: I got lost...  (+200 Love Factors)

~Love Factor Mission~
Need 500 LF

Stage 2

A: The fashionable high heels (+200 Love Factors)
B: The cute ballet flats

~Avatar Mission~
Margaret Bracelet (Charm +30) - 1 Gem or 3,000 Cruz

~Love Factor Mission~
Need 2,000 LF

Stage 3

~Love Factor Mission~
Need 5,000 LF

A: Follow her (+200 Love Factors)
B: Tell her, "Don't worry about it."

~Avatar Mission~
Flower Lace Top (Charm +60) - 3 Gems or 6,000 Cruz

Stage 4

~Love Factor Mission~
Need 8,500 Personal LF

A: Keep looking at the macaron tower.
B: This is 100 times as much as my gift... (+200 Love Factors)

~Love Factor Mission~
Need 12,500 LF

Happy Ending

A: Don't worry about it, it's okay
B: Shall I do a little magic for you? (+200 Love Factors)

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