March 14, 2015

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart + Klaus Goldstein

(*Note: This Walkthrough is still not completed. BUT the questions in this game are rather easy. Just read carefully what is asked and chose an answer. Most of the time you will see right away if you got the right one (like a professor asking which elements are the base for magic and if you choose the wrong he says s.t. like "No, you're wrong! Study harder...") Simply go back to My Page before you finish reading this episode and try the same episode with another answer again! ^^ Also the maximum on Intimacy you can get for a right answer is +7. )

Main Story

Day 1: Bunnyhead and Perfect

1.02  ~Special Story~
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 1.03 Bunnies are cute! (Intimacy +7) 
No it doesn't!

1.04 (He's awful.)
(He could be right...)
(Intimacy +7)
1.07 Yell back! (Intimacy +7)
 Stay calm.

1.09 Never again...
I guess he's handsome.
(Intimacy +7)

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Day 2: The Most Dangerous and Dreadful Buddy

2.02 That's not my name. (Intimacy +7) 
Y-yes, Sir... (Intimacy +7) 

2.06 Th-Then, you could have refused!
(Intimacy +7) 
Sorry you think it's so terrible...

2.10 Mirror
(Intimacy +7) 

~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~
Prefect Emblem Style Necklace (Charm 5) - 500 Lune/50 Coins

2.12 I-it's not fair!
(Intimacy +7) 
N-No, Sir...

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Day 3: A Crash Course Begins

3.03 He worked me like a slave...
I don't know what to say, but...
(Intimacy +7) 
He's terrible...

3.04 Scrape
Puncture wound
(Intimacy +7)
3.06 It's fine!
Don't be so mean!
(Intimacy +7)

3.08 It was Luca's idea!
I didn't know! (Intimacy +7)

3.09  ~Special Story~
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3.11 No way!  
Okay… (Intimacy +7)

3.12 ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~
Premium: Side Ponytail with Ribbon (Charm +25) – 250 Coins
Normal: Side Ponytail (Charm +5) – 50 Coins or 500 Lune

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Day 4: Their Night Alone

4.01 No way!  
Aww… fine... (Intimacy +7)

4.04 The First King (Intimacy +7)  
Claude Molders  
The Three Mages  
The First Headmaster

4.06 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 500 Magic Grade Points

4.07 Sorry.  
But… Isn’t this your fault? (Intimacy +7)

4.08 S-Stop please!  
Aww… What about her? (Intimacy +7)

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Day 5: Will you be with me?

5.01 ~Special Story~
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5.02 You’re so mean!  
So what? (Intimacy +7)

5.04 Aqua  
Lumen (Intimacy +7)

5.06 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 2,000 Magic Grade Points

5.07 I'm fine. (Intimacy +7)
Maybe I should.

5.09 Of course I will. (Intimacy +7)
What do you mean?

5.10 No way!
You think? (Intimacy +7)
He would never...

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Day 6 : Bond Of Brothers

6.02 Yes I do!
No... (Intimacy +7)

6.03 You look so much alike. (Intimacy +7)

6.04 Turbo Ventos (Intimacy +7)
Globus Flau
Sagitta Lumen
Sanatio Aura

6.06 That could be too extreme.
I see your point. (Intimacy +7)
6.06 ~Special Story~
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6.07 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 4,000 Magic Grade Points

6.07 ~Special Story~
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6.09 Do you have any friends? [no change]  
What kind of girl do you like? [no change]  
What magic are you best at? [no change]  
What are your hobbies? [no change]

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Day 7 : Rustling Heart

7.01 You can't be serious!
I thought so too. (Intimacy +7)

7.03 Creme
Meringue (Intimacy +7)

7.06 Klaus [no change]
Elias [no change]
Luca [no change]
Yukiya [no change]
Azusa [no change]

7.07 ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~
Premium: Red Gem Talisman (Charm +40) –400 Coins
Normal: Silver Talisman (Charm +10) – 100 Coins or 3,000 Lune

7.08 No way!
Maybe... (Intimacy +7)

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Day 8 : Miss Elaine

8.02 Worm the truth out of him. (Intimacy +7)
Ask him directly.

8.04 Aphrodite
Athena (Intimacy +7)

8.06 Talk to Luca
Refuse (Intimacy +7)

8.08 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 7,000 Magic Grade Points

8.09 It's not that...
Yeah... Sort of.
No! Of course not! (Intimacy +7)

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Day 9 : Gentle Kiss

9.01 It's my fault anyway. (Intimacy +7)
What are you talking about?

9.03 Dark magic
White magic
Cooking magic
Spacial magic  (Intimacy +7)

9.06 What do you mean? (Intimacy +7)
It's only natural!

9.07 ~Special Story~
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9.08 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 9,500 Magic Grade Points

9.09 Maybe. (Intimacy +7)
No way...

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Day 10 : Dark Magic

10.01 ...Sorry (Intimacy +7)

10.03 Elias
Azusa (Intimacy +7)

10.04 Arcanum +1
Solnox (Intimacy +7)
Calem +1
Aruenaristy +1

10.05 I'm going to the library.
I'm going to see the Headmaster. (Intimacy +7)

10.06 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 11,250 Magic Grade Points

10.06 I trust him. (Intimacy +7)
Come back soon.
Not really...

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Day 11-1: An Invitation From Azusa

11(1).01 ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~
Premium: Wedding Dress – 500 Coins
Normal: Casual Clothes – 300 Coins or 6,500 Lune

11(1).03 ...Right
How can you say that?! (Intimacy +7)

11(1).05 Sabo Aqua (Intimacy +7)
Sanatio Aqua
Scutum Aqua
Globus Aqua

11(1).06 I... I guess not...
Yes I do! (Intimacy +7)

11(1).09 Luca [no change]
Yukiya [no change]
Azusa [no change]

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Day 11-2 : Headed For Klaus

11(2).01 I was about to pratice magic. (Intimacy +7)
I was getting some fresh air.

11(2).09 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~ 
Need 14,500 Magic Grade Points

11(2).09 I finished.
I'm not done yet. (Intimacy +7)

11(2).10 ~Special Story~
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11(2).11 Yes... I'm sorry. (Intimacy +7)
Yes, of course!

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Day 11-3 : The Pure Maiden And The Crimson Spring

11(3).04 I might not be able to.
I'll do it! (Intimacy +7)

11(3).06 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~ 
Need 17,000 Magic Grade Points

11(3).09 You don't have to yell at me like that...
I'm sorry... (Intimacy +7)

11(3).10 You can't fool me!
The kiss! (Intimacy +7)

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Day 12 : Revealed Truth

12.01You should have told me!
I see... (Intimacy +7)

12.03 Listen to you two... (Intimacy +7)


12.04 Well...
I do! (Intimacy +7)

12.08 Sanatio Aura
Sagitta Lumen
Globus Flau
Turbo Ventos (Intimacy +7)

12.09 ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~
Premium: Greenhouse – 900 Coins
Normal: Head Student's Room – 500 Coins or 10,000 Lune

Happy End:
Need 338+ Intimacy

Normal End:
Need 225-338 Intimacy

Unhappy End:
Need 0-225 Intimacy

Happy End: To Our Future


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