05 July, 2015

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Angel or Devil - Reiner

Main Story

Don't go to the cafe.
Please, help Feyril...
Talk more about what flowers represent
Enjoy the scenery just a little longer
Cook together.
All right.
That was to help you with your injury...
I want to go to the aquarium.
I don't know... (For SE: A little...)
Stay silent. (For SE:I think that's a little much...)
Ask where Reiner is.
Glare at him. (For SE: Run away.)
Well, I was scared... (For SE: That's not it...)
Cover Reiner.
Speake to him. (For SE: Kiss him.)
D-don't you think it's a little bit too soon...? (For SE: Y-Yeah...sure...)
No, I don't think so. (For SE: You first.)
Shake in fear. (For SE: Calmly close your eyes.)
Keep quiet and watch. (For SE: Speak up.)
Close in on Ruvel. (For SE: Leap through the gate.)

Happy Ending/ Sweet Ending


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