31 October, 2015

[Walkthrough] Twilight Romance - Akira Kukuminato

Main Story

Episode 1 
You're who I want.

Episode 2
Nod while smiling brigthly
It's true, but... !

Episode 3 
Everything will be fine.
Lower your eyes

Episode 4 
Akira, help me!

Episode 5 

Episode 6 
That's exactly it.
I want to hear the rest.

Episode 7 
You could watch me and find out...
What about you and the others?

Episode 8 
Akira... Thank you!
Akira, help him!

Episode 9 
Thank you, I will!
No, it's fine...

Episode 10 
Please, stop fighting!
So that's what happened...

Episode 11 
Yes, I picked them for you.
The question I didn't answer.
Happy Ending

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