19 January, 2016

[Walkthrough] Be my Princess (Party) - Edward Levaincois

 (*Note: You can obtain the Relationship Rank B (50 Chemistry), if you choose the right answers during the Prologue (Common Route).)

Common Route 1: My First Job... A Royal Ball?!

1.02 A: Allow him to show you around
B: Politely decline [Good Choice!]

1.05 A: Don't I know you from..
B: That crest on your jacket... [Good Choice!]

~Avatar Mission~
Sweet Route: Black Ribbon Headband (+10 Charm) - 500 Cruz -> Get CG

Common Route 2: A Miracle for Me?!

2.02 A: Your gown is beautiful. [Good Choice!]
B: It's nothing...

2.04 A: Red wine 
B: White wine [Good Choice!]

~Royal Factor Mission~
100 RF needed

Common Route 3: Sneaking Out form the Party

3.01 A: Go after Prince Glenn [Good Choice!]
B: Stay with Prince Roberto

3.04 A: Thank you very much.[Good Choice!]
B: I’ll be fine on my own.
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Common Route 4: An Unexpected Visitor

4.01 A: Thank you again for before.
B: Why did you come back? [Good Choice!]

4.04 A: Agree with Monsieur Pierre [Good Choice!]
B: Give your honest opinion

4.10 ~Avatar Mission~
Sweet Route: Brown Bag & Scarf (+10 Charm) - 1,000 Cruz -> Get CG

Special Story: The Opportunity has Arrived

S.03 A: A spread about Joshua [Good Choice!]
B: A spread about Glenn

S.04 A: I have been feeling a little stressed...[Good Choice!]
B: I'm really fine. 

Common Route 5: The Pure White Envelope

5.02 A: Why are you here, Prince Joshua? [Good Choice!]
B: I'm afraid this area is for staff ony...

5.05 A: Continue listening to them
B: Leave the conversation [Good Choice!]

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Main Story

Episode 1: The Vision of a Prince

1.03 A: Is it because of the trouble at Jean Pierre?

B: Why was I chosen? [Good Choice!]

1.08 A: Are you alright? [Good Choice!]
B: Say nothing

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Episode 2: Under the Moonlight

2.03 A: Keep the dress on [Good Choice!]
B: Change into something comfortable

2.08 Ask [Good Choice!]

~Royal Factor Mission~
3,000 RF needed

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Episode 3: Secret City Date

3.03 A: You mean, you don't wear silk? [Good Choice!]
B: I knew we should have brought bodyguards.

3.08 A:The dressy side gore boots [Good Choice!]
B: The casual work boots

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Episode 4: Invitations & Secret Plans

4.03 Refuse politely [Good Choice!]
B: Help Monsieur Pierre

4.08 All right! I'll come up with something! [Good Choice!]
B: Can I really go with you?

~Avatar Mission~
Sweet Route: Lavender Plaid Outfit - 3 Gems -> get CG
Normal Route: Retro Scarf Ribbon - 1 Gem or 1,000 Cruz

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Episode 5: Wrapped in a Blanket

5.03 A: Don't ask

B: Ask [Good Choice!]

5.08 A: Go alone

B: Bring Prince Edward [Good Choice!]

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Episode 6: A Kiss on the Hand

6.02 A: Thank you for your concern. [Good Choice!]
B: It's a lot of work, but I'm fine.

6.09 A: Oh, that's just my secret hiding place. [Good Choice!]
B: It must be your imagination.

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Episode 7: Present & Reality

7.0 A: Ask him about his childhood [Good Choice!]
B: Tell him about your childhood

7.0 Ask him to help pack [Good Choice!]
B: Ask him to wait in the car

~Royal Factor Mission~
25,000 RF needed

(Get a Letter)

Episode 8: Jealousy's First Kiss

8.0 Can you write an article about our collection? [Good Choice!]
B: Are you and Louis childhood friends?

8.0 :Skills [Good Choice!]
B: Character

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Episode 9: A Wealth of Emotions

9.0 You're working late, Your Highness. [Good Choice!]
B: Good evening.

9.09 A: The Brotherhood... [Good Choice!]
B: Since you're famous....

~Avatar Mission~
Sweet Route: Sleeveless Mini Dress - 6 Gems -> get CG
Normal Route: Ribbon Ankle Boots with Tights - 3 Gem or 6,000 Cruz

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Episode 10: The Foolish Prince

10.03 A: Tell him to go after her [Good Choice!]
B: Tell him to return to the party

10.09 A: Learn your place!

B: I'll take your questions! [Good Choice!]

(Get a Letter)

Episode 11: Missteps to the Future...?!

11.03 A: Stay at the party [Good Choice!]
B: Return home alone

11.09 A: Answer the phone [Good Choice!]
B: Don't answer the phone

~Royal Factor Mission~
43,000 RF needed

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Episode 12: For Us...

12.01 A: We should do that again. [Good Choice!]
B: Next time, we should have them in store.

12.02 A: Joke [Good Choice!]
B: Stay quiet

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Episode 13: After we Part

13.0 A: We should have known we were too different...

B: I didn't think it would be over so fast... [Good Choice!]

13.0 A: Get him answer the door.

B: Answer the door yourself [Good Choice!]

Avatar Mission~
Sweet Route: Cozy Cute Winter Outfit - 10 Gems -> get CG
Normal Route: Hooded Winter Coat - 6 Gem or 12,000 Cruz

(Get a Letter)

Episode 14: Rooms of Our Happiness

14.04 A: I don't want to be a burden to you. [Good Choice!]
B: I want you to remain a prince.

14.0 A: Ask him directly

B: Change the topic [Good Choice!]

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To get the Secret Happy End you need: 100 Chemistry & 72,000 RF  
To get the Happy End you need: 100 Chemistry & 72,000 RF

Episode 15: Let us be a Family

[No questions]

Epilogue: One Last Chance

(Get a Letter, get CG - only for Secret Happy End)

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  1. I can see only two endings in my last mission that is happy end and normal end. Do you know why?