19 January, 2016

[Walkthrough] Be my Princess (Party) - Zain

Main Story

Episode 1: At the Elegant Nobel Michel

1.03 A: Accept 
B: Decline [Good Choice!]

1.10 A: Why? [Good Choice!]
B: No.

~Royal Factor Mission~
3,000 RF needed

(Get a Letter)

Episode 2: The Head Steward and the Runaway

2.02 A: Ask Zain to stay over as well [Good Choice!]
B: Tell them both to leave

2.08 A: Think of asking, but say nothing
B: Ask him why [Good Choice!]

~Avatar Mission~
Sweet Route: First Party Outfit - 4 Gems -> get CG
Normal Route: Black Heart Clutch - 2 Gems or 4,000 Cruz

(Get a Letter)

Episode 3: A Midnight Date

3.06 A: Hesitate
B: Ask him to teach me [Good Choice!]

3.09 A: Go alone
B: Ask Zain to take you [Good Choice!]

~Royal Factor Mission~
24,000 RF needed

Episode 4: Skeletons in the Closet...?

4.03 A: Go for it [Good Choice!]
B: Zip it

4.08 A: Is there something you want me to do?
B: Let's have a picnic! [Good Choice!]

(Get a Letter)

Episode 5: Banished Memories

5.05 A: Don't say anything
B: Deny it [Good Choice!]

5.10 A: Drop his hand
B: Press your hand to his [Good Choice!]

(Get a Letter)

Episode 6: The Farewell Kiss

6.02  A: Why don't we go and get some now?
B: Let's come back again here [Good Choice!]

6.08 A: Accept [Good Choice!]
B: Decline

-RF Mission-
Need 43,000 Royal Factor

Episode 7: Tread Lightly at Parties?

7.0 Turn him down [Good Choice!]
Say nothing

7.0 Fake anger

Shake my head [Good Choice!]

Avatar Mission~
Sweet Route: Picnic Outfit - 8 Gems -> get CG
Normal Route: Straw Hat - 5 Gem or 10,000 Cruz

Episode 8: The Second Kiss is Mine

8.0 Why?
Not with things like this. [Good Choice!]

8.0 Start to leave [Good Choice!]
Stay and listen

Episode 9: A Game too Close to Lose

9.0 Show me something that means something to you. [Good Choice!]
Show me that you trust me.

9.0 Hide!
Take these and go! [Good Choice!]

To get the Secret Happy End you need: +70 Chemistry & 72,000 RF
To get the Happy End you need: 70 Chemistry & 72,000 RF

Episode 10: The Butler's Proposal

[No question]

Epilogue: The Kiss of Happiness, Yours Forever

(Get a Letter, get CG - only for Secret Happy End)


  1. For the first question, I answered Accept and it told me that answer could have been better.

    1. Oh, I'm very sorry but thank you for letting me know. I'll change the WT.