10 January 2016

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Love Tangle + Miguel Hernandez vs. Nolan Zarek

Main Story

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin, who made and sent me this Walkthrough!)

(*Note: Until after you have finished Chapter 4, you get to choose option which can raise the Love Meter for either one of the guys. So to make it simple: Answer A might give you + Points for Miguel, where answer B gives you + Points for Nolan.
So, to be able to get the Happy Ending with the right guy, choose one right from the beginning and stick with his answers.)

Chapter 1

1.03 Miguel? What's this about a special menu? (+Miguel)
Aren't you hungry, Nolan? (+Nolan)

1.07 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 50 Points

Chapter 2

2.02 Hum a song for Miguel.  (+Miguel)
I'm too embarrassed to sing. (+Nolan)

2.10 Love Challenge
Premium: Miguel Avatar - 1 Diamond (get a CG)
Normal: Basic Tank Top (Violet) - 200 Kaled Cash

Chapter 3

3.01 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 1,000 Points

3.04 Ask about Nolan's relationship with Miguel. (+Miguel)
Ask if Nolan agrees with Timo. (+Nolan)

3.06 Love Challenge
Premium: Nolan Avatar - 1 Diamond (get a CG)
Normal: Basic Tank Top (Turquoise Blue) - 200 Kaled Cash

Chapter 4

4.02 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 2,000 Points

4.06 Ask Miguel how to swim. (+Miguel)
Go talk to Nolan. (+Nolan)

4.09 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 4,000 Points 


(*Note: From here on out, you can either play the Miguel or the Nolan route, depending on which side you Love Meter is fuller. To read Nolan's Route, please scroll past Miguel's.)

Chapter 5

5.04 Do you miss the sea back home? (+Miguel)
Want to try swimming with the dolphins?

5.05 Love Challenge
Premium: Red Plaid Shirt and Shorts Set - 15 Diamond (get a CG)
Normal: Orange Tube Top & Shorts and Wedge Sandal - 5 Diamond or 7,100 Kaled Cash

5.09 Sure, I'll go. (+Miguel) 

Chapter 6

6.03 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 13,000 Points

6.05 Special Scenario
Get CG

6.05 I was looking for you. (+Miguel)
Where is Joy?

6.11 You can always talk to me. (+Miguel)
Let's go inside. You'll catch a cold ot here.

Chapter 7

7.04 You can't just believe rumours like that! (+Miguel)
There's no way he'd give up, right?!
7.10 What are we betting this time? (+Miguel)
That chocolate sure was good!

Chapter 8

8.02 This has to be a lucky sign, right?
Want a bite? (+Miguel)

8.06 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 22,000 Points

8.10 That was moving!
You've gotten even better! (+Miguel)

8.11 Love Challenge
Premium: Angelic Chiffon Wrap Dress and Sweet Bikini Set - 30 Diamond (get a CG)
Normal: White Bathing Suit and Wrap Dress Resort Set -10 Diamonds or 12,000 Kaled Cash

Supreme Ending

(get 3 CG's)


Chapter 5

5.02 Why come to a horse club? (+Nolan)
Do you like horses?

5.04 What are you like, then?
That's one impressive horse of yours! (+Nolan)

5.09 Love Challenge
Premium: Horse Riding Date with Nolan Set - 15 Diamond (get a CG)
Normal: Equestian Clothing and Boots Set - 5 Diamond or 7,100 Kaled Cash 

Chapter 6

6.01 That was scary.
Are you okay? (+Nolan)

6.06 Greet him (+Nolan)
Ignore him

6.08 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 13,000 Points

6.10 Special Scenario
Get CG

Chapter 7

7.03 Why did you introduce me like that? (+Nolan)
You surprised me back there.

7.04 You should have told me. (+Nolan)
You should have found someone else.

Chapter 8

8.01 Don't touch me!
Don't you have something else to say? (+Nolan)

8.05 Nothing, really.
I just want to talk (+Nolan)

8.07 Love Challenge
Premium: Arvin's Secret Choice - 30 Diamond (get a CG)
Normal: Black Ruffle Blouse ans Skirt Set -10 Diamonds or 12,000 Kaled Cash 

8.09 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 28,000 Points

Supreme Ending

(get 2 CG's)


  1. Hey!
    I really love your blog and Love Tangle <3 thanks a lot for the help with the right answers!
    but the diamonds and the money you need for the checkpoints isn´t right.
    for example:
    Chapter 5, love challenge the premium story, they wanted 100 Diamonds from me not just 15!
    and the talent points are higher as well.

  2. The cost for the endings need updating.

  3. Hey, I was wondering if I didn't give the right answer from the beginning which makes me get 50:50 for both Miguel and Nolan, would I still end up in Happy Ending? Thankyou! :)