20 February, 2016

[Walkthrough] My Arahitogami Romance - Yui (Kamumusuhi)

Main Story

Episode 1
May I?
Do you understand what he's saying?

Episode  2
What does it mean 'Right now?'
The sweet devil one.

Episode 3
Excused him.
Poked his cheek.

Episode 4
Look at Yui.
Cried out.

Episode 5
Tried incense.

Episode 6
Touched the membran.
Preyed God.

Episode 7
Held his hand.
Thank you for the Ranjatai today.

Episode 8
Tried the miso soup.
Why did you say Hikaru was a wolf?

Episode 9
(... feeling lonely?)
Burned the Ranjatai.

Episode 10
Remained silent.
Hurled myself at Hikaru.

Episode 11
I yelled at him.

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