20 February, 2016

[Walkthrough] My Arahitogami Romance - Takami(musuhi)

Main Story

Episode 1
Orange juice.
Is this how we make a contract?

Episode 2
Have you ever had hamburgers?
Play along with her.

Episode 3
Did anything happen?
What kind of god is Takami?

Episode 4
Asked him to apologize by rewarding him.
Asked him if he could see anything.

Episode 5
Slapped Takami and said I saw a mosquito.
Did you get this by mistake or something?

Episode 6
I decline his offer politely.
Is anything wrong?

Episode 7
Suggest a racing game.
Asked him what happened.

Episode 8
He looked like my friend.
Tried to calm her down.

Episode 9
Called out Takami's name.
Looked at the sweets shop.

Episode 10
Asked him to stop by.
Asked him if I could help him with anything.

Episode 11
I could bear your evil character.
This is to celebrate for Takami's power up!


  1. Can you do a FALSE VOWS walkthroigh PLEASE?

    1. I added it to my To-Do-List, but it'll probably take a while for me to post it.