17 February, 2016

[Walkthrough] Sleepless Cinderella (Party) - Yuzuki Season 2

(*Note: The best answers are those where you get a "Good Choice". If you still picked a wrong answer - don't worry. There are several Chemistry-Checkpoints where you can buy Chemistry with Gems. Sometimes you can get those Gems by completing the Daily Mission or with the Special Interview! If you encounter any wrong answeres here, please let me know, so I can fix them. Thanks!)

Season 2: Main Story

Episode 1

A:I'm fine with whatever.
B: I'd rather have rings.
C: The simpler, the better. (Good Choice!)

A: I missed you.

B: Welcome back. (Good Choice!)
C: You're late.  

(Get a Letter)

Episode 2

A: ...tell him we need to hurry.
B: ...ask if he's going to sleep here. 
C: ... ask if he feels okay. (Good Choice!)

~TF Mission~ 
Need 3,000 Trust Factor

A: I don't care if you're lame.
B: You're never lame to me. (Good Choice!)
C: Just nod.

~Avatar Mission~
Sweet Route: Glittery Velvet Set - 4 Gems -> Get a CG!
Normal Route: Glittery Velvet Bag - 2 Gems or 2,400 Salary

(Get a Letter)

Episode 3

A: You're just exaggerating.
B: It's only natural.
C: Congratulations!(Good Choice!)

A: You really think so!? (Good Choice!)
B: You must like him. 
C: Ask him what he thought about it.

(Get a Letter)

Episode 4

A: Who's there?
B: Yuzuki? (Good Choice!)
C: It's just your imagination.

A: ...smile gracefully.
B: ...adress her politely.
C: ... apologize for the other day. (Good Choice!)

~Special Story~
To read it you need 10 Chemistry

(Get a Letter)

Episode 5

A: Ignore her completely.

B: Say something to her.

C: Get close to Yuzuki. (Good Choice!)

A: Hesitate.
B: I'm just a normal girl.

C: I'm a journalist. (Good Choice!)

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Episode 6

A: Call Yuzuki.
B: Gather information.
C: Write the truth in an article. (Good Choice!)

~Special Story~
To read it you need 30 Chemistry

A: Are you here about the article? (Good Choice!)
B: What are you doing here?
C: It's an honor to see you again.

(Get a Letter)

Episode 7

A: No, I won't wait.
B: I can't work like this.
C: I'm going with you. (Good Choice!)

~Avatar Mission~
Sweet Route: Starry Azure Set - 10 Gems -> Get a CG!
Normal Route: Starry Azure Pumps - 5 Gems or 6,000 Salary

A: I didn't notice. (Good Choice!)
B: I was really busy.
C: Yeah, I was at work.

(Get a Letter)

Episode 8

A: Tell them it's true.

B: Avoid eye contact. (Good Choice!)
C: Try to leave.

A: It has nothing to do with you. (Good Choice!)
B: Don't say anything.
C: Smile at him.

~Special Story~
To read it you need 45 Chemistry

(Get a Letter)

Episode 9

A: Ask him about Yuzuki. (Good Choice!)
B: Smile.
C: Thank him.

~TF Mission~ 
Need 10,000 Trust Factor

A: Hide your face.
B: Run away.
C: You can't move. (Good Choice!)

(Get a Letter)

Episode 10

Thank him. (Good Choice!)

~TF Mission~
Need 30,000 Trust Factor  
Run away. (Good Choice!)

Secret End:
20,000 Trust Factor & 60 Chemistry required

Super Happy End:
20,000 Trust Factor required

Episode 11


[no questions]

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