08 February, 2016

[Walkthrough] Twilight Hunters - Kei

Main Story
Episode 1
Obediently nod.
Go after Kei.

Episode 2
This is my first time being in a guy's room.
Sit down next to Kei.

Episode 3
Go to Kei without buying the CD.
Tell the truth.

Episode 4
Look at Kei.
Ask for Kei needs to come with.

Episode 5
Change the subject.
You're helping me.

Episode 6
Hug onto Kei.
Stand up.

Episode 7
Tell them truthfully.
For helping me.

Episode 8
Start with the chicken steak.
Hug him without thinking.

Episode 9
Tell Kei.
Walk towards him.
Episode 10
Feel my mind go blank.

Episode 11
Look at Kei.
Break the window.

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