July 5, 2016

Astoria: Fate's Kiss - Main Page

You won't regret falling for a monster...or a god

Gods and Monsters living among humans can be a dangerous matter...
Good thing your agency exists to keep them in line. With big dreams and an even bigger heart,
you aspire to climb the agency's ladder until one day five mythical beings ask for your help!

"You don't know anything about monsters...yet."

People have always feared them, but...
Will you be the one to unlock the secrets to their cases...and their hearts?


(All Characters, Stories and Pictures belong to © Voltage Entertainment USA.)

Astoria Trailer on YouTube by Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc.

My Rating:
Mature content:★★☆☆☆
Art quality:★★★★★


One of my favorit games. It contains all that I like in games: Mystery, love, drama and most of all ancient history mixed with modern life.
The characters are made after well-known mythical creatures, most of the times even adopting their behavior (like in Chimera's route). Other characters like Echidna, Hermes, Hercules, Thanatos, Persephone and even Zeus have their appearing, as well as the famous Titans.
The only let-down of this game is, that the Main Stories are devided in three parts and you have to pay for each individually. Therefor, I recommend to buy the Story Bundles, to save some money.
Remember that each character's Episode 1 of Main Story 1 in each Season, is for free. So, if you're curious about the game now, but don't know, if you want to spend your money on it, just read the free first Episode!

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*Note: Due to the new Voltage Inc/Voltage Entertainment USA "guideline", I won't post any Voltage Inc CG's anymore. I don't want my Blog to be shut down, so I'll refrain from posting them anywhere, until I get the official OK from the company itself. I'm very sorry for those who were looking forward to see the CG's of this game, but I rely on your understanding for my situation.
Thank you and keep having fun with the game! 


P.S: Although I haven't posted their CG's, I listed all released stories here, just for your information. 

  • Hydra: Season 1: MS1, MS2, MS3, Season 2: MS1, MS2, MS3, Season 3: MS1, MS2, MS3, Season 4: MS1 
  • Cerberus: Season 1: MS1, MS2, MS3, Season 2: MS1, MS2, Season 3: MS1, MS2, Season 4: MS1
  • Chimera: Season 1: MS1, MS2, MS3, Season 2: MS1, MS2, Season 3: MS1, MS2, Season 4: MS1
  • Medusa: Season 1: MS1, MS2, MS3, Season 2: MS1, MS2, MS3, Season 3: MS1, MS2, MS3, Season 4: MS1
  • Hades: Season 1: MS1, MS2, MS3, Season 2: MS1, MS2, MS3, Season 3: MS1, MS2, MS3,  Season 4: MS1
  • Alex Cyprin: Season 1: MS1, MS2, MS3,  Season 2: MS1, MS2, MS3, Season 3: MS1, MS2, MS3,  Season 4: MS1
  • Astraeus: Season 3: MS1, MS2, MS3,  Season 4: MS1
Sub Story:
  • Sweet Temptation
  • Red-Hot Invitation
  • Private Lies 
  • Hades Secret Pleasures
  • Hades Rules of Engagement
  • Medusa Hidden Tension
  • Hydra Persuasion Tactics
  • Burst with Pride 
  • The Perfect Private Party
  • Cause for Celebration
  • Alex Cyprin - A Professional Touch
  • What to Expect: Hydra, Medusa, Hades // Cerberus, Chimera
  • Gangsters in Astoria 
  • Spoiled for Choice
  • Hidden Truths
  • Old  Book, New Cover
  • Ghosts of the Past
  • Godly Monsters Race to the Altar
  • The Promise of Eternity




If you encounter a problem:
- If you play on android, please send an e-mail to: astoria_play@voltageent.zendesk.com
- If you play on iOS, fill in the Inquiry Form on THIS page. 

Dear User/Guest, if you have some time, please check out the Credits Page.
I listed there everyone who I wanted to thank for their help with this blog.

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