20 July, 2016

[Walkthrough] Midgard Love - Hodur

Main Story

Chapter 1
Squeeze his hand back
Talk to Hodur

Chapter 2
Tell Hodur to let go of your hand
Worry about Hodur

Chapter 3
Stroke Hodur's hair
Is that true?

Chapter 4
Ask him whether or not gods eat
Stand there thinking

Chapter 5
Tell him he is not "someone else"
Ask Hodur if he is hungry

Chapter 6
Squeeze Hodur's hand
Question him

Chapter 7
Thank Hodur
Tell Hodur you want to see what he sees

Chapter 8
Ask him again
Anyway, what are you doing here?

Chapter 9
Be happy
Tell him you baked it for him

Chapter 10
Ask him what's wrong
Hug Hodur

Chapter 11
Tell him you trust him
About what to do from now on?

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