20 July, 2016

[Walkthrough] Midgard Love - Loki

Main Story

Chapter 1
I understand.
Me? Why?

Chapter 2
If you say so, I'll do my best.
I can't become a wife of a wolf.

Chapter 3
That'd be great.
I reach my hand out to Loki.

Chapter 4
Loki, my ears are so warm now.
He is a beautiful boy.

Chapter 5
Don't do anything to Kamui.

Chapter 6
What's my role?
I'll do my best.

Chapter 7
Did you want to play with us?
Unconsciously pull on Loki's sleeve.

Chapter 8
You seem to be good with Fugin & Munin.
Tell him the true thing.

Chapter 9
Naturally put my arm around Loki's neck.
I stroke Loki's head with the hand.

Chapter 10
Worry about Loki.
Because Loki was trying to protect me!

Chapter 11
I'm glad you're alive and safe.
Yeah, I'll talk to him.

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