13 July, 2016

[Walkthrough] Shall we date: Eternal Vows - Kanehisa Togi

(*Note: Special Thanks to Jessica for letting me repost her tumblr-post here! And Thanks to kipral for telling me about the Normal and Sad Ending!)

Main Story

Chapter 1
Thank you very much!
You aren’t coming with us, Suien?
I’ll be back later.
Kind of embarrassing.

Chapter 2
Maybe not.
Train a little longer.
Practice alone
What’s Lord Kenshin doing?
It’s nothing much.

Chapter 3
How could I?
My family.

Chapter 4
Go outside.
I’m not an enemy.

Chapter 5
Stay in my room.
Ask him where he was going earlier.

Chapter 6
I want to go visit Shuya’s house.

Chapter 7
Right side of the street.

Chapter 8
I’m fine.
But I want to practice my riding.
Maybe if I really concentrate, I’ll fall asleep.

Chapter 9
(*Note: According to kipral, if you choose here "Hit it aside", you'll get the Normal Ending!)

Don’t duck.
I need to think about it.

Chapter 10
Wander around outside.

Chapter 11
For the war to end soon.
That’s a cute statue of Buddha.
Allow him to do it.

Chapter 12
Sit next to him.
Stay out of it.

Chapter 13
I’m scared.

Chapter 14
(*Note: According to kipral, if you choose here "Draw you bow" or "Shoot an arrow", you'll get the Sad Ending!)

Call for help.

Sweet Ending


  1. Don't know if you're only posting the sweet endings, but for Chapter 9 choosing to Hit it aside will get you the Normal Ending, and Chapter 14 choosing to Draw your bow, or Shoot an arrow (sorry, can't remember the exact phrase) will get the Sad CG ending.

    1. No, I would also post the Walkthrough for the other Endings, if I got them, so THANKS for telling me about how to get the Normal and Sad Ending!

    2. I did knock it aside and call for help and got the sweet ending. Did both sad, and sweet. Did not realize there was a normal ending till I did another story.