August 20, 2016

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Love Tangle + Timo Salminen vs. Paul Morgan

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin & Renee for this Walkthrough!)

(*Note: Until after you have finished Chapter 4, you get to choose options which can raise the Love Meter for either one of the guys. So to make it simple: Answer A might give you + Points for Timo, where answer B gives you + Points for Paul.
So, to be able to get the Happy Ending with the right guy, choose one right from the beginning and stick with his answers.)

Main Story

Chapter 1

1.06 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 10 Points

1.07 No way! (+Timo)
He’s a close family friend. (+Paul)

Chapter 2

2.02 Of course we’re just childhood friends! (+Timo)
We’re definitely not engaged to one another. (+Paul)

2.05 Love Challenge
Premium: Paul Avatar (Sporty) - 5 Diamond's (get a CG)
Normal: Mannish Bob Hair (Aqua Blue) - 200 Kaled Cash

2.08 Promise to assist him. (+Paul)
Mention about the engagement. (+Timo)

Chapter 3

3.03 I’ll help you carry your things. (+Paul)
I’m excited to learn you’re the one moving in. (+Timo)

3.05 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 600 Points

3.05 Are you worried about Paul? (+Timo)
You find Paul interesting, don’t you? (+Paul)

3.09 Love Challenge
Premium: Timo Avatar (Cute) - 1 Diamond (get a CG)
Normal: Mannish Bob Hair (Pink) - 200 Kaled Cash

Chapter 4

4.04 What happened? (+Timo)
What did Josh say? (+Paul)

4.05 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 1,400 Points

4.05reply that I feel there’s something he’s not telling me. (+Timo)
…tell him I want to believe him. (+Paul)

4.10 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 3,200 Points


(*Note: From here on out, you can either play the (+Timo) or the (+Paul) route, depending on which side you Love Meter is fuller. To read Paul's Route, please scroll past Timo's.)

Chapter 5

5.02 Why don’t you let me take him?
I’d love to help you look after him. (+Timo)

5.06 Is there something you’d like to add, Timo?
Timo, are you worried about the leopards’ future? (+Timo)

5.07 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 7,100 Points

Chapter 6

6.04 Am I bothering you?
I just want to help you. (+Timo)

6.08 Love Challenge
Premium: Floral Dress Outfit 2 - 210 Diamond's (get a CG)
Normal: Denim Dress Outfit - 60 Diamond's or 9,500 Kaled Cash

6.09 Timo finally managed to persuade the others.
It was definitely a team effort. (+Timo)

Chapter 7

7.03 Do you really want to know?
I’ll have to think about it. (+Timo)

7.0? Special Scenario
Get CG

7.07 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 19,500 Points
7.08 Of course, I should have realized. I’m sorry.
If something’s bothering you, I’m happy to talk. (+Timo)

Chapter 8

8.04 Wait, you’re mistaken!
Don’t go! (+Timo)

8.05 You don’t look too happy.
I am really glad for you. (+Timo)

8.07 Love Challenge
 Premium: Office Casual Outfit - 420 Diamonds (get a CG)
Normal: Retro Dress Outfit - 120 Diamonds or 14,000 Kaled Cash

Supreme Ending

(get 2 CG's)


Chapter 5

5.02 …I’m a little scared of you. (+Paul)
…No, I’m not scared of you.
5.06 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 7,100 Points

5.06 Special Scenario
Get CG

5.09 That’s all right.
Aren’t you busy? (+Paul)

Chapter 6

6.03 It’s really nothing. (+Paul)
I just overheard them gossiping.
6.06 Who is that man?
Don’t you have something that’s troubling you? (+Paul)

6.08 Love Challenge 
Premium: Bicolor Dress Outfit - 210 Diamonds (get a CG)
Normal: A-Line Dress Outfit - 60 Diamonds or 10,500 Kaled Cash

Chapter 7

7.04 You can really give me a ride home? (+Paul)
You said that we shouldn’t be seen together.

7.06 It’s not a love scene!
I-It’s not what you think…! (+Paul)

7.08 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 20,000 Points

Chapter 8

8.03 Not now, Paul.
I’m glad it all worked out, Paul. (+Paul)

8.06 I really think we should be getting home.
Sure, okay. (+Paul)

8.08 Love Challenge
 Premium: Party Mini Dress Outfit - 420 Diamonds (get a CG)
Normal: Tight Dress Outfit - 120 Diamonds or 14,000 Kaled Cash

Supreme Ending

(get 2 CG's)


  1. Am I able to repeat the same story/choice if I did not get the supreme ending? Thanks in advance for your reply.

  2. Hi Lizzy!
    Yes, you can repeat every route as often as you want. You can even change the route in the middle of another route, but it would be better to finish one route, since all the progress you made until now, would be lost.
    Just go to the Character Menu and change the route you want to play (again). ^^
    Have fun!