September 21, 2016

Shall we date?: Guard me, Sherlock! - Quiz Time!


Fill in the blank with the correct letter.

The answers to choose are:

Right answer is: M = The clues are that there are 7 letters. These letters represent the days of the week. It starts with Monday, then Tuesday... _TWTFSS are the first letters of the days of the week. And since the first letter in Monday goes in the blank, that means that "M" is the correct answer.

Sherlock's Route
(*Note: Special Thanks to Yashi for that quiz!)

Mycroft Holmes:
"All of us sat together and ate some of Lucci &Mason's absolutely exquisite biscotti.
Read what each person says below, and use the information they give you to guess how many pieces of biscotti I ate."

Mycroft Holmes:
"I ate 5 fewer pieces than Lestrade."

Hercule Poirot:
"I only ate one third the number that Jeremy ate."

Jeremy Cassel:
"I ate 4 more pieces than Lestrade."

George Lestrade:
"I ate twice as many as Poirot did."

The answers to choose are:

Right answer is: Three

Watson's Route

Sherlock Holmes
" Steven Jerram went on a trip to photograph different international locations. The trip took him through the U.S. and then to Japan.
The final flight of his trip was from Honolulu Airport in Hawaii to Narita Airport in Japan.
On the 70th day of his trip, he flew out of Hawaii at 10AM, and landed in Japan in the evening.
He flew out of London Heathrow Airpost on the first day of his trip, which was December 1st. When he finally reached Narita Airport in Japan, it was February.
So, what was th precise date of his arrival at Narita Airport?

The answers to choose are:
February 7th
February 8th
February 9th

Right answer is: February 9th!
(If you start at December 1st and count 70 days from there, it would be February 8th.
But something doesn't feel right. The flight would be from Honolulu Airport to Narita Airport in Japan?
...!! That's it! He'd cross the International Date Line on the way, so...) 

"I've got it! The answer is February 9th, isn't it?"


Jeremy Cassel:
"There are five bags, numbered 1 to 5, each containing 10 diamonds.
However, apparently one of the bags contains only fake diamonds, which weigh less than the real ones.
Each real diamond weighs 1 ounce, but each fake diamond is 0.1 ounces lighter than a real one.
Using a scale that has a weight limit of 20 ounces, you want to figure out which bag holds the fake diamonds.
What is the fewest number of times you would have to use the scale in order to do this?"

The answers to choose are:
1 time
5 times
10 times

Right answer is:1 time.

"You can figure out which bag has the fakes by using the scale 1 time."

John H Watson:
"1 time? Do you mean by putting all the bags on the scale together, but gradually adding them one-by-one?
Wait, no. Even if you did that, all of the bags together would end up weighing more than 20 ounces, which is the scale's limit. So I guess that wouldn't work."
 Jeremy Cassel:
"How could you tell hom much each bag weighs if you only use the scale 1 time?"

"Easy. Open each bag, and depending on what numer bag it is, take out that many diamonds. So you'd take out 1 diamond from bag1, 2 from bag 2, and so on...
You's end up with 15 diamaonds total. If there weren't any fakes, that should weigh 15 ounces. But each fake diamond is 0.1 ounce lighter than a real one, right?
If you put all 15 of these diamonds on the scale at once, you can see how much under 15 ounces it weighs, and that will tell you how many fakes are on the scale.
However many tenths of an ounce below 15 would tell you which bag held the fakes. For instance, if you're 0,4 ounces short, that would mean the fakes are in bag 4. Get it?"

Sherlock Holmes:
"There are three people, who we'll call A, B, and C.
One of these people is an angel, one of them is a demon, and one of them is human.
However, there's no way to tell which is which just by looking at them.
The angel always tells the truth, no matter what. The demon always lies, no matter what. And the human does what he feels like doing - sometimes he lies, and sometimes he tells the truth.
This is what the three of them say to you:

"I'm  not an angel."

"I'm not a demon."

"I'm not human."

Sherlock Holmes:
"So, who is the angel, who is the demon, and who is the human?"
The answers to choose are:
A is the demon, B is the angel, C is the human
A is the human, B is the demon, C is the angel
A is the human, B is the angel, C is the demon

Right answer is:
"I think A is the human, and B is the demon, right? and then C would be the angel."
Why? Because the demon always lies, so he has to say: "I'm not a demon.", which means he is B and thus A has to be the human and C the angel.
Sherlock Holmes:
 "I am investigating a theft, and I believe that it was perpetrated by a single individual. It had to be either Mr. K, Mr. M, or Mr. N.
However, these three have a set of rules they always follow when they are going to steal something, and which will not break because they believe it would be bad luck to do so.
- Whenever K is going to steal something, he always gets M to help him.
- If M isn't commiting a theft at a given moment, then N won't commit a theft either.
On the day in which the crime I'm investigating occurred, there were no other instances of theft.
Which one of these men is the perpetrator?"

The answers to choose are:
Mr. K
Mr. M
Mr. N

Right answer is: Mr. M

"Hehe, that's easy. The perpetrator is Mr. M.
K always gets M to help him, so he couldn't have done it, since the theft was committed by a single individual...
When M isn't committing a theft, N won't commit one either. But that doesn't mean that if M steals something, N will always so the same, does it?
So M is the only one who could have done it.

John H Watson:
"I see, It's easy to mistakenly think that M and N always do the same thing... either they don't steal anything, or they both steal something. But that's wrong...
N won't steal anything unless M is also stealing something that day. So I guess that means that M is the only one who could've commited that crime on his own."

Sherlock Holmes:
"A village with 40 eligible voters is going to have an election to decide who their mayor will be.
Three people are running in the election, all of whom dislike each other. All three of them are residents of the village.
In the election, the candidate who receives the most votes wins. Every eligible voter gets one vote each.
Assuming  that all of them vote, and all of their voters are counted properly with no errors, how many votes would a candidate have to receive to be assured of winning the election?"

The answers to choose are:

Right answer is: 20

Mikah Hudson: 
"Come on... that's easy. It's 20, right?"

Sherlock Holmes: 
"Correct. How did you arrive at your answer?"

Mikah Hudson: 
"Umm, first I figured out the number of voters once you subtracted the three candidates. 40 minus 3 is 37, right?
19 is just over half of 37. That's a bare majority. And if the candidates all dislike each other, then they're bound to vote for themselves, right?
So you add 1 to those 19 votes, which gives you 20!"



  1. hi, i am blocked at the quiz time asked by sherlock, the question with the angel, the demon and the human what is the right answer?

    1. The second answer is the right one. ^^

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  3. James’ Route _ Season 01
    Robin sngs 01 x a day, won’t sing for next 02 days.
    IF it sings 03 x’s it will vanish.
    King wants to hear the robin sing 01 x a day for 30 days.
    What is the minimum number of robins you need to do this?

    10 _ Just divide 30 by 3 = 10 birds.

    Place - Mountains
    13 People Leave on May 10th + 16 People Arrive
    Now 25 Total People
    16 -13 = +3 ___ 25 - 3 = 22 on May 09
    19 People Leave on May 09th + 11 People Arrive
    19 -11 = -8 ___ 22 + 8 = 30 on May 08
    12 People Leave on May 08th + 18 People Arrive
    18 -12 = +6 ___ 30 - 6 = 24 on May 07
    15 People Leave on May 07th + 14 People Arrive
    15 -14 = -1 ___ 24 + 1 = 25 on May 06
    How many there on the 6th ?
    25 on May 06
    03 Thieves = Eins, Zwei, Drei
    Eins and Zwei told 01 truth and 01 lie
    Person can only steal one jewel.

    Drei stole the small jewel (T)
    Zwei stole the big one (F)

    I stole the small one (F)
    Eins stole the big jewel (T)

    Which of the 3 stole the big jewel?

  4. Mycroft’s Route _ Season 01
    Quiz > Reward = ???
    Lascaux, France 1940 found cave paintings 20,000+ years old.
    Closed caves 23 years later in 1963
    Why were the caves closed?

    The visitors took back pieces of the cave wall with them.
    / The lights the visitors took in with them.
    / The carbon dioxide the visitors exhaled.
    / The body heat emitted by the visitors warmed the interior.
    Quiz > Reward = Power Recovery Item x 20

    "Nature abhors a vacuum."
    Who said this?
    A postulate attributed to Aristotle,

    Gaius Plinius Secundus ( a.k.a. Pliny the Elder )
    Diogenes of Sinope

    A postulate attributed to Aristotle

    Quiz > Reward = Power Recovery Item x 80

    Man asks another man looking at a painting,
    Who is this a portrait of?

    I don’t have any brothers.
    The father of the man in this picture is my father’s son.
    So then, who is pictured in the portrait?

    His Father’s grandson
    *** Note - His son (the one asked the question. ***

    Quiz > Reward = Power Recovery Item x 20
    All ate a different number of cakes
    The most anyone ate was 10.

    How many cakes did Lestrade eat?
    Lestrade = 03

    Mycroft = John x 5 _ Mycroft = 10
    Sherlock = Mycroft - 4 _ Sherlock = 06
    John = Sherlock - 4 _ John = 02
    Lestrade = Sherlock / 2 _ Lestrade = 03
    (half a many as Sherlock)
    Quiz > Reward = Token x 80
    What is back? (Me - What word means back?)

    up = eu
    down = tashi
    right = gimi
    left = ridahi
    front = ema
    back = roshiu

    back = roshiu
    Quiz > Reward = Power Recovery Item x 20
    The 4 go out drinking together.
    They wore the wrong coats home.
    Who wore Inspector Lestrade’s coat home ?

    Inspector George Lestrade _ Hold on…this isn’t my coat.

    John H Watson _ Hey…this coat isn’t mine.
    There are initials written on it, H.P.

    Jeremy Cassel _ That’s weird.
    I’m sure I wasn’t wearing a coat on the way over to the bar.
    It looks like I wore someone else’s coat home by accident.

    Hercule Poirot _ Hold on…
    It seems that I left my coat at the bar.

    Jeremy Cassel has his coat.

    Quiz > Reward = Power Recovery x 20
    What letter goes in the blanks?
    It’s the same letter.

    F M A M _ _ A S O N D


    Quiz > Reward = Token x 80

    Lestrade questioned 4 different suspects.

    I absolutely didn’t do it.
    The 1st man is telling the truth.
    The fourth man is lying.
    I absolutely didn’t do it. You’ve gotta believe me.

    The fourth man is lying.
    Quiz > Reward = Power Recovery x 20

    Who preformed the Suspension Bridge Effect Experiment in 1974 ?

    Dutton and Aron
    John B. Watson
    Sigmund Freud
    Schachter and Miller

    Dutton and Aron

  5. Mycroft’s Route _ Season 01
    This question and answer was too long, so I had post it separately.

    Quiz > Reward = Tokens x 80
    Which one has a Fish as a pet?


    There are 5 houses all in a row
    Each is a different color.
    One person lives in each house.
    Each eats something different for breakfast.
    All drink something different.
    They all have different pets.

    Sherlock + Red House
    Inspector Lestrade + Dog
    Hercule + Tea
    Green House to Left of White House
    Person in Green House + Coffee
    Person has Eggs + Bird
    Person in the Yellow House + Grilled Tomatoes
    Center House + Milk
    John + Blue House at Beginning or End of the row of houses
    Muffins _ Next 2 Cat
    Muffins _ Next 2 Water
    Horse _ Next 2 Grilled Tomatoes.
    Toast + Beer
    Jeremy + Sausage

    Bird + Eggs
    Cat = Next to House + Muffins - MUFFINS -
    Dog + Inspector Lestrade
    Horse _ Next to Yellow House + Grilled Tomatoes

    Beer + Toast
    Green House + Coffee
    Milk + Center House - Sherlock -
    Tea + Hercule
    Water _ Next to House + Water

    Eggs + Bird
    Grilled Tomatoes + Yellow House - BIRD -
    Muffins _ Next to House + Cat - BIRD -
    Sausage + Jeremy - BIRD -
    Toast + Beer - BIRD -

    Jeremy + Sausage - DOG - BIRD -
    John + Blue End of Row House - DOG
    Hercule + Tea - DOG
    Inspector Lestrade + Dog
    Sherlock + Red House - DOG

    Eggs + Bird
    Green House + Coffee _ Left of White House
    Center House + Milk - Sherlock

    Muffins _ Next House + Cat _*AND*_ Next House + Water
    Horse _ Next to Yellow House
    Toast + Beer - BIRD -

    LEFT = Top + RIGHT = Bottom => Order of the Houses

    Yellow _ ……..….…Hercule _ Grilled Tomatoes _ Water _ Cat
    .. Blue _ …………….…. John _…………...… Muffins _ Xxxxx _ Horse
    … Red _ ................. Sherlock _…………...…… Eggs _ Water _ Bird
    . Green _……….….. Jeremy _…………... Sausage _ Coffee _
    . White _ Inspector Lestrade _………………..……. _ Milk _ Dog

    Blue House + John _
    Green House + Coffee _ Jeremy + Sausage *or* Inspector Lestrade + Dog
    ……. Center White House + Milk _ Jeremy + Sausage *or* Inspector Lestrade + Dog
    Yellow House + Grilled Tomatoes _ Hercule + Tea *or* Inspector Lestrade + Dog
    Red House + Sherlock _
    Blue House + John _
    White *or* Yellow *or* Red - Center House + Milk = Sherlock *or* Jeremy + Sausage *or* Inspector Lestrade + Dog *or* Hercule

    Blue Green White Yellow Red
    Blue Green White Red Yellow
    Red Green White Yellow Blue
    Yellow Green White Red Blue
    Green White Yellow Red Blue
    Green White Red Yellow Blue
    Blue Yellow Red Green White
    Blue Red Yellow Green White

    Sherlock + Red House
    Inspector Lestrade + Dog
    Hercule + Tea
    Green House to Left of White House
    Person in Green House + Coffee
    Person has Eggs + Bird
    Person in the Yellow House + Grilled Tomatoes
    Center House + Milk
    John + Blue House at Beginning or End of the row of houses
    Muffins _ Next 2 Cat
    Muffins _ Next 2 Water
    Horse _ Next 2 Grilled Tomatoes.
    Toast + Beer
    Jeremy + Sausage

    Jeremy has a fish

  6. John’s Route _ Season 01

    Boy on bicycle - cherries apples bananas
    The Cherries
    The bananas
    Something else = The brakes (Spoken that way but not physically accurate. You step on the brakes.) You hit the bicycle first.
    The 3 items will fall onto the road since you didn’t hit him with your car.
    2 clocks each at 12:00
    After 1 hour, one reads 1:01 and the other 12:59
    …How many hours total will it take before that once again point to exactly the same time ?

    2 min difference per hour.
    360 hours x 2 = 30 days _ Both will point to 6:00
    720 hours
    Nanashi no Honya = Bookstore with no name
    Koyo gunkan _ About the battle strategy of Takeda Shingen
    Note from thief giving info on his next crime.
    Steal ONE painting from the London Museum.
    There are 60 painting numbered 01 - 60.
    Chose a set of numbers and ADD them.
    Can NOT use any number twice.
    The total of the numbers will NOT be the number of the painting I will steal.
    00 01 02 04 07 15 31

    Caesar Cipher
    Key = 3
    10 BC to 30 AD
    Died day before his birthday
    How old was he ?
    30 + 10 = 40 - 1 year as there is no year 0 = 29
    Less 1day = 38
    40 voters for 3 candidates
    All vote
    What is min. # votes 2 win ?
    *** *** ***
    20 could vote for 2 = Tie
    19 + 20 + 1 are the min. totals for a winner.
    ><><>< NEED 20 Votes Minimum ><><><
    40 - 3 = 37
    37 / 2 = 18 + 19
    19 + 1 = 20
    Sherlock is investigating 1 theft committed by 1 person _ 3 suspects
    Rules they always follow
    When K steals M always helps
    If M isn’t stealing, then N won’t steal either
    No thefts other than the one I’m investigating.

    Mr. K _ No _ K + M = 2 person theft
    Mr. M _ Yes _ Can steal by himself = 1 person + 1 theft
    Mr. N _ No _ M must steal 4 N 2 steal = 2 thefts or 1 by 2
    Angel = Truth
    Demon = Lies
    Human = Either
    Which is Which?

    A - I’m not an angel = Human
    B - I’m not an demon = Demon
    C - I’m not an human = Angel

    A is the human, B is the demon, C is the angel
    What is the fewest number of times you would have to use the scale in order to do this?

    1 Dia = 1.0 oz. + 1 Fake = 0.9 oz
    5 Bags w 10 diamonds each
    1 has ONLY Fakes => Weigh Less
    Scale = 20 oz Max.

    Which Bag Has ALL Fake Diamonds.
    10 x .9 = 9 oz = Weight of Bag w Fake Diamonds
    Dec. 1st flew
    London Heathrow Airport

    70th day flew
    10am Honolulu, Hawaii to Narita, Japan (evening arrival in February)

    Date he arrived in Narita, Japan ?
    Feb. 8th _ Cross International Dateline, so 1 day later.

  7. Sherlock’s Route _ Season 01

    3 Brothers

    House is named "Time"
    1st not home - about to arrive home = FUTURE
    2nd not home - left home = PAST
    3rd in the house - look careful see other 2 brothers
    IF 3rd not at home, 1st and 2nd disappear

    What is the 3rd Brothers Name = PRESENT
    Sherlock’s Favorite Clothes

    Moriarty + Mikah => Cute
    John Watson => Sexy
    Lestrade => Casual

    Style of Sherlock’s fav clothes = ?

    Sherlock => Elegant

    20 -7 = 13 - 5 = 8
    20 total - 8 used = 12 partial candles are left

    How many candles are left ?

    12 are left as the others burn down an dare gone.
    Sherlock’s Sandwich

    A = Cheese
    B = Bacon
    C = Pickles
    D = Lettuce
    E = Tomatoes

    A + E NOT on Bottom
    No pickles
    D = NOT in the Middle

    What order makes Sherlock’s fav sandwich ?

    A = Cheese on Top
    B = Bacon in the Middle
    D = Lettuce on the Bottom

    1. WOW! Thank you, Erudite for all the riddles!!!