29 October, 2016

[Walkthrough] Shall we date:? Princess Arthur - Tristan

(*Note: Special Thanks to Debra for this Walkthrough! You can also find it on her Blog -> HERE.)

Main Story

Chapter 1: The Knights of the Round Table


Not really...
I want to go back to my room


Is it okay to talk to them?
I don't think they look kindly on me...

Ask about Tristan
End the conversation

Chapter 2: As King


Did he say anything else?
No he isn't!

That's not true
Oh, all right


We'd better not. It's dangerous
Sure, let's go check it out

That's an order as King
I'm asking this of you as a girl

I have
... Never heard of them

But I'd rather go alone
Please do

It makes me feel pressured
It makes me afraid


Spare her
Strike her down

There's someone I find dashing
I don't have time for that

The castle town
The forest
Wherever you want

I am not a daddy's girl!
Maybe you're right

Yes, I was playing
It's none of your business


Chapter 3: The Kingdom

No, I'm glad you brought it up
I am a bit worried...

Yes. You can call me by that name
I want you to call me Your Majesty

Don't hurt yourself
Will you take me next time?

Why doesn't he want to stay at the castle?
What is he like?

Going to the library to study
Surveying my kingdom

Not at all
I've already made plans with Gawain...

Why don't you want to rely on him?
Yes, it's not good to rely on anything too much

We can't do something so rude
You shouldn't say that without evidence

I'm not interested
I am interested

Call to Tristan
Let him go

Yes, I do
I wouldn't do that

Let's stop
Let's eat at the castle

Because I was really happy
Because you fulfilled your duty

I don't think I can
I'll do my best


Chapter 4: First Campaign


He's strict but earnest
He's somewhat lacking in consideration


I will go into battle
I will await your return here

Save myself
Save Merlin


I'm not sure


Chapter 5: The Mausoleum and the Lyre

I didn't see him
I thought I heard his voice

I'd like some time to think it over
You're right

I'm against it
I have my concerns


Why do you come here?
Are you and Lady Morgause close?

Chapter 6: War's Flames Encroaching

I think it's a prank
I don't think it's a prank

Isn't it because of me?
Is there something I don't know about?

We will win
We will fight till the end


I want to go
I'll stay behind

Chapter 7: The Scent of Cigars


But you're the one who gave me the medicine
... I will


Thanks for not saying anything
Aren't you going to party with the others?


The castle hall
The castle plaza

Thank you
That's not my doing

I believe in Tristan
I think he's a traitor

Chapter 8: Inner Motives

As a matter of fact, I have
No, not really

I hope he comes back
I think it's a long shot


Tell them it was Tristan
Keep quiet

Do you approve of me as king?
Thank you

Chapter 9: Confrontation with the Past

I want to get to know him better
I'm worried about him

I'm worried about Tristan
I want to make amends with everyone

I'm not hiding anything
Give me some time to think about it

Elaine's house
Tristan's place


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