21 November, 2016

[Walkthrough] Gossip Girl (Party) - Fred Carter

(*Note: Special Thanks to Samantha for this Walkthrough!)


[no selection]

-Now that I think about it, I'll have some champagne.
-Yeah, thanks
-I'm not thirsty, thanks. (+3)

-Order room service
-Go out for pancakes (+3)
-Eat at the hotel restaurant (+3)

-I'm not really into parties.
-I really wanna go.
-I guess it wouldn't hurt to check it out, though. (+3)

-Tell him how excited you are about the party
-Ask him about Izaac and Marc
-Keep quiet (+3)

Main Route #1

Episode 1: Fated Encounters

-I'll find Serena. (+3 Chemistry)
-I can stick around.

-That's okay, I'm good. (+3 Chemistry)
(Get a Letter)

Episode 2: Clean Slate

-It's not like that, okay? (+3 Chemistry)
-That's none of your business!

-Ask him to put you down
-Let him carry you (+3 Chemistry)

Avatar Mission
-Sweet Route: Sexy 20's Outfit (Item Score +100) - 8 Gems -> get a CG
-Normal Route: Fur Scarf and Necklace (Item Score +40) - 1 Gem or 3,000 Cash
(Get a Letter)

Episode 3: Home

-Thank you so much! (+3 Chemistry)
-Thanks. I'll work hard.

-It's a lovely office.
-Yes! (+3 Chemistry)

Story Mission
-Need 3,000 Style Factor
(Get a Letter)

Episode 4: Three is a Crowd

-Be diplomatic (+3 Chemistry)

-You don't give a bad impression. (+3 Chemistry)
-Changing that image sounds hard.
(Get a Letter)

Episode 5: Under the Sun

-What? (+3 Chemistry)

-Why didn't you call me sooner? (+3 Chemistry)
-You don't have to push yourself.

Story Mission
-Need 8000 Style Factor
(Get a Letter)

Episode 6: Thorns

-Shrug if off and smile (+3 Chemistry)
-Look down quietly

-I can't apologize enough... (+3 Chemistry)
-Why'd you turn her down?

Avatar Mission
-Sweet Route: Opera Date Outfit (Item Score +200) - 12 Gems -> get a CG
-Normal Route: Oxblood Lace Mini Dress (Item Score +80) - 5 Gems or 13,000 Cash
(Get a Letter)

Episode 7: The Past is Past

-Act depressed (+3 Chemistry)
-I'm sorry I haven't kept in touch.

-I know. Don't worry. (+3 Chemistry)
-It's a scary world out there...

Story Mission
-Need 18,000 Style Factor
(Get a Letter)

Episode 8: Allies

-Dad seemed relieved.
-Dad didn't even raise an eyebrow. (+3 Chemistry)

-You know better. (+3 Chemistry)
-Stop jerking my chain.
(Get a Letter)

Episode 9: Perfect Match

-I'll try. (+3 Chemistry)
-I'll think about it.

-I want to broaden my horizons. (+3 Chemistry)
-I want to take it easy.
(Get a Letter)

Episode 10: Choose Route:

Super Happy Ending+: +35 Chemistry & 28,000 Style Factor -> get a CG
Super Happy Ending: 35 Chemistry & 24,000 Style Factor
Happy Ending+: 28,000 Style Factor
Happy Ending: 24,000 Style Factor

-It hurts to watch up close. (+3 Chemistry)
-It was meant to be.

-What are you doing here? (+3 Chemistry)
-What do you want?



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