01 November, 2016

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Blood in Roses + Season 1: Spade

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin for sending me this Walkthrough!)

Season 1: Main Story

(*Note: Decide which Ending you want right from the beginning and try to stick to it while choosing an answer, otherwise you might not be able to get either Ending. For the Serenade Ending you need +85 Moonlight Points and for the Toccata Ending you need +85 Sunlight Points.)

Day 1:

1.04 Say nothing. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
Decline the food. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

1.08 That won't happen to me. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]
I don't know. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]

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Day 2:

2.02 … I ask him if I can trust him. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]
… I tell him I can't trust him. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]

2.07 I greet him. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
I watch him carefully. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

2.08 Love Challenge: Avatar Item
Premium: Pendulum Clock - 500 Tokens or 50 Coins

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Day 3:

3.01 … look to see how the young man reacts. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
… stay wary. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

3.03 Doubt him. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
Trust him. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

3.08 Love Challenge: Avatar Item
Premium: Sheep Plush Toy – 500 Coins -> Get a CG
Normal: Hotel Pillow – 350 Coins or 3,500 Tokens

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Day 4:

4.02 Try to get them to stop. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]
Talk about something unrelated on purpose. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]

4.05 Rejoice. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
Thank them. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

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Day 5:

5.01 Knock his arms away. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
Tell him to stop. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

5.03 … giving Alfred a smile. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
… teasing Alfred. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

5.07 Love Challenge: Avatar Mission
Premium: Black Cat Ear Headband – 750 Coins -> Get a CG
Normal: Spade Choker – 400 Coins or 7,500 Tokens

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Day 6:

6.01 There you are. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
Good morning. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

6.05 Say nothing. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]
I thought you'd say that. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]

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Day 7:

7.02 Just listen. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
I'm not surprised by that reaction. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

7.05 Stay quiet. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]
Comment on how happy he looks. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]

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Day 8:

8.03 Run toward him. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
Call out to him. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

8.06 Reach my hand out to Spade. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
Call out his name. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

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Day 9:

9.02 I don't know. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
I won't regret it. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

9.03 I shake my head. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
No! [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

9.05 Love Challenge: Avatar Item
Premium: Spade's Room [Garden]– 900 Coins -> Get a CG
Normal: High Tea Kit [Room] – 500 Coins or 10,000 Tokens

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Day 10:

10.02 Love Challenge: Lady Level
Need 12,000 Lady Level Points

10.02 Please help us. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]
Please help the hotel's Rosapast. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]

10.07 Tell her I'm going. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
Smile without saying a word. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

10.09 Love Challenge: Lady Level
Need 14,000 Lady Level Points

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Toccata Ending: +85 Sunlight Get a CG
 Get: 5x Story Ticket, 2x Cake, 1x Bergamot Toilette, 3x Dresser, 1x Avatar Item (Room)

Serenade Ending: +85 Moonbeam Get a CG
 Get: 5x Story Ticket, 2x Cake, 1x Bergamot Toilette, 3x Dresser, 1x Avatar Item [Garden]

Farewell Ending: If you couldn't reach neither +85 Moonbeam nor Sunlight
Get: 5x Story Ticket, 2x Cake



  1. Which ending in your opinion is best? And why (vaguely)? Thank-you!! ❤

    1. I'm sorry, but I haven't played this route yet, so I can't say, which Ending is better.

    2. I've just completed both. Disclaimer: Spade was my first run through in Blood in Roses so I don't know how these endings thematically usually go.

      Vague answer: I was so upset with Serenade (Moonbeam) ending, I immediately re-started the route. Toccata (Sunlight) ending made me really happy.

      More specific answer: I thought Serenade ending was a little out of place and didn't fit the tone of the route, especially since it went against certain reoccurring motifs in Spade's story. Toccata has a couple of arguably silly little, itty bitty things, but over all, I think it fits better with his story.

      All in all, Toccata seems like more like the "true" ending and Serenade felt more like a the "not a bad end, but not the True/Good End" in a visual novel.

  2. I found the Toccata endings I have done so far, are the better endings. So from now on I want to do the Serenade endings first.

    1. Oh, I made a mistake. I meant the Serenade endings are the better endings and are doing the Toccata endings first.