21 January, 2017

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Guard me, Sherlock! - Watson Season 2

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin for this Walkthrough!)

Season 2: Main Story


0.03  -Quiz Time-
M (Correct)

Get 3x CG's

Chapter 1: Request from Phantom Thief

1.03-1.04 Get 2x CG's

1.04 -Avatar Checkpoint-
Premium: John. H. Watson: 5 Jewel's or 500 Tokens + 2x CG

1.06 It doesn't sound like you're really Mycroft. (Best Choice)
Would you happen to be Sherlock in disguise?

1.10 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 160pt

1.11 What did Lupin say to you?
Did Lupin find some vulnerability of yours? (Best Choice)

Chapter 2: The Moonbeam Sapphire and the Dark Moon Sapphire

2.07 Go get John. (Best Choice)
Get through this on my own.

2.11 Tell him. (Best Choice)
Don't tell him.

2.12 -Avatar Checkpoint-
Premium: Phantom Thief: Monocle: 15 Jewel's + 2x CG
Normal: Phantom Thief: Tights: 10 Jewel's or 1,100 Tokens

Chapter 3: Haven't You Noticed?

3.04 I don't want to do something like that behind John's back. (Best Choice)
No reason, really.

3.08 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 3,200pt

3.12 Tell him.
Avoid telling him. (Best Choice)

Chapter 4: Our Future

4.02 Apologize to him. (Best Choice)
Say nothing.

4.04 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 4,800pt

4.07 Stop them. (Best Choice)
Stop John.

Chapter 5: Moriarty's Scheme

5.06 Tell him.
Let John decide whether to tell him. (Best Choice)

5.11 Mysterious?
Market him? (Best Choice)

Chapter 6: The Stole Lips

6.02 He looks really hot. (Best Choice)
It almost doesn't look like him anymore.

6.08 Tell him.
Don't tell him. (Best Choice)

6.09 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 11,272pt

6.10 -Avatar Checkpoint-
Premium: Phantom Thief: Hair: 55 Jewel's + 1 CG
Normal: Phantom Thief: Gloves: 45 Jewel's or 4.300 Token

Chapter 7: Frenemies

7.04 Plead with them.
Change the subject. (Best Choice)

7.07 Buy them both.
Don't buy either. (Best Choice)

7.09 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 15,800pt

Chapter 8: Phantom Thief's Job

8.06 Go with them. (Best Choice)
Stay here.

8.09 Stay here. (Best Choice)
Head up to the second floor.

8.16 -Avatar Checkpoint-
Premium: Phantom Thief: Dress: 55 Jewel's + 2x CG
Normal: Phantom Thief: Shoes: 40 Jewel's or 4.100 Token

Chapter 9: Person in Charge

9.11 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 26,400pt

Chapter 10: John the Phantom Thief

10.09 Sit up in bed. (Best Choice)
Remain lying down.

10.11 -Avatar Checkpoint-
Premium: London Night View: 65 Jewel's + 1 CG
Normal: Shower of Cards: 50 Jewel's or 5.000 Token

10.12 Try to talk to John. (Best Choice)
Try to talk to Sherlock.


1. Blissful Ending (2 CG's)

Get: 5x Story Tickets, 25x Jewels, 200x Power Recovery Item, 1x Outfit [Him]

2. Happy Ending
Get: 5x Story Tickets, 10x Jewels, 100x Power Recovery Item, 1x Background

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