01 January, 2017

[Walkthrough] Sweet Scandal Returns - Masato Shii

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for the Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Chapter 1: Is this my job?

1.03 It’s nothing.
Hurry and close the door!
Actually, the zipper… (+5)
1.05 Special Massato Shii Scenario Show CG

1.10 He’s not that kind of person. (+5)
(Maybe so…)

1.12 I’m sorry.
Yes… (+5)
I misunderstood.

Chapter 2: Beginning of love, falling into the trap

2.03 Well of course!
Huh!? (+5)
(Is he…?)
2.04 Special Massato Shii Scenario Show CG

2.10 I’m truly sorry! (+5)
It’s all my fault…
You must be angry, right?

2.14 Sure. (+5)
Please don’t tease me.
Is it alright?

Chapter 3: Apparent mind, hidden real intention

3.04 Do as he says (+5)
I just can’t!

3.10 Move slightly away
Look down
Glance at him (+5)

3.13 I’m proud to work under him.
He’s not just looks. (+5)

Chapter 4: Invitation to love, coming from all directions?

4.05 If my face can be of assistance. (+5)
Is that a compliment?
Do I make you think of something?

4.08 No!
It’s frustrating. (+5)
Do I look like I am?

4.13 Please don’t joke.
So even you get embarrassed, Chief. (+5)

Chapter 5: Unforeseen new feelings

5.05 I’m happy… (+5)
What a wonderful friend.
I won’t tell anyone.

5.10 How did you know? (+5)

5.11 Is that so?
I feel kind of nervous. (+5)
That again!

Chapter 6: This uncontrollable feeling is love

6.01 Special Massato Shii Scenario Show CG
6.02 Sorry… (+5)
I couldn’t find it.
What’s this room…?

6.08 I understand. (+5)
That’s sad.
Can’t I help?

6.11 Whisper in his ear (+5)
Shake him awake
Wait for him to get up

Chapter 7: I just wanted to believe

7.02 Special Massato Shii Scenario Show CG
7.05 It’s none of my business. (+5)
I want to know.
What are you after?

7.10 Are you alright? (+5)
Is it a work emergency?
What happened?

7.15 I want to know his true motives.
Watch over him for now.
I won’t give up. (+5)

Chapter 8: Price of love, sad past

8.04 Is that what you want, Mr. Shii? (+5)
Resisting would mean giving up.
I won’t resist.

8.05 Special Massato Shii Scenario Show CG
8.07 No more lies, okay?
I’m ready any time.
Alright. (+5)

8.11 There would be no point.
I understand.
I can’t. (+5)

Chapter 9: The bells of truth, echoing love

9.05 Better than becoming your pawn.
I’m no pawn… (+5)
Mind your own business.

9.09 Your neighbor. (+5)
It’s me.
The manager.

9.13 Is that what you really want? (+5)
I don’t want to.
That’s enough.

Chapter 10: My heart tells me that I miss you

10.04 That’s right…
It didn’t work… (+5)
It’s not that simple.

10.07 Because I care about you.
There is no reason. (+5)
I don’t know, either.

10.15 I understand.
I can’t.
Is that really alright? (+5)

Chapter 11: This wrapping kindness is actually love

11.02 Special Massato Shii Scenario Show CG
11.04 Too convenient!
Too selfish! (+5)
A little too late!

11.08 It’s all your own fault. (+5)
You really are crazy.
You’re not the victim.

11.13 I won’t forgive you.
It’s okay.
Truly. (+5)

Good Ending requirement: +160 Affection Points (get a CG)
Happy Ending requirement: +200 Affection Points, +2,000 Engagement Strength (get a CG)

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