18 April, 2017

[Walkthrough] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder - Rhion Hatter

Season 1: Main Story

(*Note: Special Thanks to Kylie for this Walkthrough! It especially unlocks all Secret Stories, CG's and gives you Rhions Secret Ending!
It's tested and also works for the "Love 365" app!)
Episode 1
A: Stare back at him.
B: Say you’re Alice.

Episode 2
A: Agree with him.
A: None of them

Secret Chapter
Special Illustration Unlocked

Episode 3
B: “Thanks for the compliment.”
A: “Yes.”

Episode 4
A: “So many things…”
A: “They look like real stars!”

Episode 5
B: Give up and smile.
B: “The door opened so suddenly…”

Episode 6
B: “Are you hurt?”
A: Don’t say anything.

Secret Chapter
Special Illustration Unlocked

Episode 7
B: “There’s something I need to tell you.”
A: Brush it off with laughter.

Episode 8
A: Say the compliment made you happy.
B: Grab it.

Episode 9
A: “I’m happy to see you again.”
B: “That’s just his aethestic.”
A: “I was worried.”
A: “I’m touched.”

Episode 10
A: “Wonderland is full of fun things.”
A: Rest your hands gently on his shoulders.

Secret Chapter
Special Illustration Unlocked

Episode 11
A: “That can’t be right.”
A: “Okay.”
B: Save Rhion!
A: “I believe you can.”

Episode 12
A: “It’s embarrassing…”
A: Blame Rhion


  1. I do have the story but I didn't play maybe I can send you the walkthrough when I finish playing it

  2. Just to let you know this walkthrough works for Love 365. I love the story btw