19 April, 2017

[Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding (Party) - Haruka Utsunomiya Season 1

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hana for the Walkthrough!)
If you want to know how to increase your Chemistry, go to the "How to play?" page.

Season 1: Main Story

Episode 1: My Stranger-Fiance

1.04 A:Yes.
B: Be uncertain. (+10)

1.09 A: It's okay, I appreciate what you did. (+10)
B: Don't worry about me.

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Episode 2: Angel's Smile

2.03 A: Take it
B: Hesitate (+10)

2.07 A: Tell him the truth (+10)
B: Dodge the question

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Episode 3: An Unexpected Proposal

3.01 A: Please, don't hide anything. (+10)
B: I wish you would tell me.

3.06 A: Look up at him.
B: Yes, it's true. (+10)

~Avatar Mission~
Sweet: Meet the Parents Outfit - 200 Coins -> Get a CG
Normal: Delicate Pearl Necklace - 600 Mari or 100 Coins

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Episode 4: Feelings That Won't Fade

4.05 A: I won't tell. (+10)
B: Uh-huh...

4.10 A: I'm sorry. (+10)
Um... What happened?

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Episode 5: Hubby's Secret

5.03 A: What are you doing?
B: Stop that! (+10)

5.09 A: Sorry for the trouble I caused. (+10)
B: Are you okay, Haruka?

~Wife Point Mission~
Need 3,000 Wife Points

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Episode 6: Hubby's Polar Opposite

6.04 A: What are you doing? (+10)
B: Are you okay?

6.06 A: Okay!
B: I'll give it 100%! (+10)

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Episode 7: Spartan Flower Lecture

7.03 A: But...
B: Thank you. (+10)

7.10 I sure hope so...
B: Thanks, I'm honored. (+10)

~Avatar Mission~
Sweet: First Night Out Outfit - 500 Coins -> Get a CG
Normal: Round Red Bag - 300 Mari or 500 Coins
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Episode 8: Invisible Feelings

8.03 A: Just for a bit. (+10)
B: Sure.

8.09 A: Stop laughing at me!
B: Why are you laughing? (+10)

~Wife Point Mission~
Need 15,000 Wife Points

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Episode 9: The Real Haruka

9.03 A: You're not making sense.
B: Then why did you come? (+10)

9.10 A: What do you have in mind? (+10)
B: It's nothing.

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Episode 10: A New Crisis

10.01 A: Stop staring at me.
B: What is it? (+10)

10.10 A: But...
B: Yes. (+10)

~Avatar Mission~
Sweet: Relaxing Weekend Outfit - 750 Coins -> Get a CG
Normal: Jeweled Blue Sandals - 10,000 Mari or 500 Coins
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Episode 11: Dangerous Sleepover?

11.01 A: I wish you'd put on less. (+10)
B: I can't stp you.

11.10 A: Nothing. (+10)
B: Just use your imagination.

~Wife Point Mission~
Need 35,000 Wife Points

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Episode 12: Retreating Footsteps

12.03 A: Everyone is watching.
B: Stop it. (+10)

12.07 A: Watch him closely. (+10)
B: I'll answer th door.

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Episode 13: An Elopement

13.05 A: Still, you don't have to laugh.
B: I'm trying to keep it under control. (+10)

13.07 A: Thank you. (+10)
B: I can pour my own drink.

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Episode 14: Goodbye

14.05 A: You don't mind if I talk to you? (+10)
B: You really see through everything.

14.10 A: I know.
B: I need to talk to you. (+10)


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