29 April, 2017

[Walkthrough] Midnight Cinderella - Alyn Crawford

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for the Walkthrough's!)

Main Route

Part 1

1.04 Yes. I plan to give my all. (Sugar)
I’m looking forward to your support. (Honey)
I’ll do the best I can.

1.05 Get a CG

1.09 Thanks again for last night.
Sorry about last night. (Sugar)
Are you OK? You were up late too. (Honey)

Part 2

2.04 Really? I’m glad to hear that! (Honey)
I know! We’ve been together everyday. (Sugar)
You think so? Does she really?

2.06 No, I’m fine! (Sugar)
I-I might not be.
J-just give me a moment! (Honey)

Part 3

3.03 You’re right. Can’t be helped, I suppose. (Sugar)
I suppose. (Honey)
Thank you.

3.0 Royal Challenge
Premium: Camisole Dress with Ribbon Beauty - 300 Coins
Normal: High Waisted Lace Up Skirt Beauty - 100 Coins or 3,500 Bells

3.07 Take a deep breath.
Sigh slightly. (Honey)
Look toward Alyn. (Sugar)

Part 4

4.04 Stick my head out. (Sugar)
Try to run away.
Hide again. (Honey)

4.0 Th-thank you. (Honey)
Aha, I see. (Sugar)

Part 5

5.04 That’s too bad. (Sugar)
But it might not be, right? (Honey)

5.06 Royal Challenge
Need 2,500 Grace pts

5.06 I won’t be a bother!
Of course! (Sugar)
I understand! (Honey)

Part 6

6.03 Begin to walk out.
Step away from the cemetery. (Honey)
Stay hidden. (Sugar)

6.08 Respond with a smile. (Honey)
Squirm uncomfortably. (Sugar)
Grin and bear it.

6.10 Royal Challenge
Premium: Wrap Around Braid - 400 Coins
Normal: Shoulder Length Bob - 150 Coins or 5,000 Bells

Part 7

7.02 I’m not that light! (Sugar)
This is embarrassing!
L-Let me down! (Honey)

7.08 I-It’s nothing. (Sugar)
Well, you see… (Honey)

Part 8

8.03 You surprised me! (Sugar)
He must really like people! (Honey)
He’s a playful one!

8.05 Royal Challenge
Premium: Russet Boots and Two-Tone Boston Bag - 400 Coins
Normal: Cafe Noir Ankle Boots and Handbag - 150 Coins or 5,000 Bells

8.09 Y-Yes…I will! (Honey)
I understand.
If you want me to… (Sugar)

8.10 Royal Challenge
Need 6,500 Grace pts

Part 9

9.02 All right. (Sugar)
I’ll take good care of him.
Nod silently. (Honey)

9.10 Run up to him. (Honey)
Stay hidden and wait. (Sugar)
Cautiously get closer.

Part 10

10.02 …….
B-But- (Honey)
I can’t do that! (Sugar)

10.06 Royal Challenge
Premium: Strawberry & Chocolate Colored Dress - 500 Coins
Normal: Frilled Citrus Dress - 300 Coins or 8,000 Bells

10.08 Close your eyes. (Sugar)
Clasp his hands. (Honey)
Look up at Alyn.

Secret End: 15000+ Grace Points at Honey Route 13.10
Honey End: Honey Route, 15000 Grace Points
Sugar End: Sugar Route


Sugar Route

Part 11

11.02 Nod silently. (Honey)
Close eyes tightly. (Sugar)
Smile at him.

11.07 Watch them. (Honey)
Call Arthur.
Call Alyn. (Sugar)

11.10 Royal Challenge
Need 13,500 Grace pts

Part 12

12.02 But you look so... (Honey)
I'm sorry. (Sugar)

12.08 Are you embarrassed.
Are you blushing. (Sugar)
Are you embarrassed. (Honey)

Part 13

13.04 Grasp the map tightly. (Sugar)
Look at the path ahead. (Honey)
Close my eyes.

13.05 Royal Challenge
Premium: Golden Dress with Red Roses - 900 Coins
Normal: Pink Rose Dress - 500 Coins or 20,000 Bells

13.07 That wasn't my intention. (Honey)
N-no! That's not it!
I just wanted to talk. (Sugar)


Honey Route

Part 11

11.02 Thank you, but…
I don’t want you to.
You’ll be in danger. (Honey)

11.06 Call for Alyn.
Look toward him.
Grab his arm. (Honey)

Part 12

12.03 In that case, if you don’t mind…
Alyn, I want you to… (Honey)

12.06 Royal Challenge
Need 13,500 Grace pts

12.10 Welcome home. (Honey)
I’m so happy you’re safe.
When did you get back?”

Part 13

13.02 Catch up to Alyn. (Honey)
 Watch Leo leave.
Stand between them.

13.06 Royal Challenge
Premium: Sweet Dress in Chocolate Tones - 900 Coins
Normal: Classic Coral Pink Rose Dress - 500 Coins or 20,000 Bells

13.09 Oh!
Wow! This is amazing!
Delicious! (Honey)


Ever After

Part 1

1.03 I agree. (Royal +5, Classic +5)
I feel unsure of what to do next.
We just have to do our best.

1.06 Okay, see you later.
Thank you. (Royal +5, Classic +5)

Part 2

2.04 Um, okay! (Royal +5, Classic +5)
I shook my head.
I dropped my gaze, embarrassed.

2.07 Royal Challenge
Need 2,000 Grace pts

2.07 Okay. (Royal +5, Classic +5)
I see.
I fell silent.

Part 3

3.02 I believe in you, Alyn. (Royal +5, Classic +5)
I met his gaze.
I nodded.

3.05 Royal Challenge
Premium: Poppy Red Gingham Checked Dress - 300 Coins
Normal: Apricot Maxidress - 100 Coins or 3,500 Bells

3.09 I’m not answering that!
Yes, I have been jealous too. (Royal +5, Classic +5)
Wait, what?

Part 4

4.04 I think I love that about him.
Ahh, now you have me all embarrassed. (Royal +5, Classic +5)
We should stop talking about it.

4.05 Royal Challenge
Need 5,000 Grace pts

4.06 I envy you today.
Well- (Royal +5, Classic +5)
I am not worked up!

Part 5

5.02 I caught hold of his arm.
Thank you for being concerned. (Royal +5, Classic +5)
See you later.

5.05 Royal Challenge
Premium: Loose Ponytail - 400 Coins
Normal: Flowy Half-Up Hair - 150 Coins or 5,000 Bells

5.08 I hurried away.
I greeted them both. (Royal +5, Classic +5)
I watched them quietly.


Classic Ending Route

Part 6

6.02 No, nothing.
I fell silent.
What makes you think that? (Royal +5 Classic +5)

6.05 Royal Challenge
Need 9,000 Grace pts

6.06 Good luck. (Royal +5 Classic +5)
See you later.
That work.

Part 7

7.02 Yes, I am doing well. (Royal +5 Classic +5)
Were you worried about me?
Is Alyn doing well?

7.05 Royal Challenge
Premium: Flowing Ribbons Princess Gown Set - 900 Coins
Normal: Mint Green Lace Chiffon Gown Set - 500 Coins or 20,000 Bells

7.08 I flushed happily. (Royal +5 Classic +5)
I dropped my gaze.
I buried my face in his chest.


Looked up at the ceiling.
Dropped her gaze. (Royal +5 Classic +5)
Frowned a little.


Royal Ending Route

Part 6

6.03 I apologize.
Do I?
I fell silent. (Royal +5 Classic +5)

6.05 Royal Challenge
Need 9,000 Grace pts

6.07 My body tensed.
I arched my back.
What is it? (Royal +5 Classic +5)

Part 7

7.03 I felt uneasy.
I was shocked.
I pictured Alyn. (Royal +5 Classic +5)

7.05 Royal Challenge
Premium: Cherry Pink Princess Dress Set - 900 Coins
Normal: Salmon Pink Ombre Dress Set - 500 Coins or 20,000 Bells

7.07 Why did Louis say that?
Did something happen? (Royal +5 Classic +5)
I studied Alyn.


Well actually...
I thought you would remember. (Royal +5 Classic +5)

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