29 April, 2017

[Walkthrough] Midnight Cinderella - Leo Crawford

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Part 1

1.02 I stared up at him. (Honey)
I took a step back. (Sugar)
I caught my breath.

1.05 Get a CG

1.08 There’s no chance of that.
Do you really think so? (Sugar)
You’re exaggerating. (Honey)

Part 2

2.01 I peered through too. (Sugar)
I stayed where I was.
I spoke his name softly. (Honey)

2.07 N-No, I’m not. (Honey)
Um- (Sugar)

2.10 Royal Challenge
Premium: Melon Dress with Frilled Lace - 300 Coins
Normal: Amber Skirt with Grape Print - 100 Coins or 3,500 Bells

Part 3

3.03 I was lost of words. (Honey)
Why would you-
Never mind. (Sugar)

3.07 A bit.
Not really. (Sugar)
Yes. (Honey)

Part 4

4.02 I can sleep!
I-I’m fine! (Honey)
Leo! (Sugar)

4.06 Could you face that way?
Don’t touch me, okay? (Sugar)
Don’t come any closer. (Honey)

4.11 Royal Challenge
Need 2,500 Grace pts

Part 5

5.05 I stare at him. (Honey)
I tilted my head.
I frowned. (Sugar)

5.07 I stare back at him.
I avoided his gaze. (Sugar)
I started in surprise. (Honey)

Part 6

6.04 I turned my head away.
I stared straight back at him. (Honey)
I found myself apologizing. (Sugar)

6.09 I stroked his hair.
I touched his cheek. (Sugar)
I embraced him. (Honey)

6.10 Royal Challenge
Premium: Twin Buns with Waves - 400 Coins
Normal: Twin Ponytails with Side-Swept Bangs - 150 Coins or 5,000 Bells

Part 7

7.04 We went for a walk. (Honey)
Nothing, really. (Sugar)
I couldn’t sleep.

7.09 What do you mean? (Sugar)
Why are you stopping me? (Honey)
I fell silent.

Part 8

8.03 (I want to explain.)
(That’s not how it is.) (Sugar)
(He’s right.) (Honey)

8.05 Royal Challenge
Premium: Crimson Cowgirl Boots and Polka Dot Umbrella - 400 Coins
Normal: Black Paddock Boots and White Umbrella - 150 Coins or 5,000 Bells

8.07 I looked up at Leo.
I pointed at the documents. (Honey)
I sighed. (Sugar)

Part 9

9.01 Leo-
Okay. (Honey)
I nodded. (Sugar)

9.05 Royal Challenge
Need 6,500 Grace pts

9.10 Please- (Honey)
Let me help. (Sugar)
I want it too.

Part 10

10.02 What are you doing? (Sugar)
Don’t tell me-
Why are you here? (Honey)

10.05 Royal Challenge
Premium: Turquoise Chiffon Nightgown - 500 Coins
Normal: Pastel Pink Nightgown - 300 Coins or 8,000 Bells

10.07 It’s nothing. (Honey)
It’s a secret.
It doesn’t matter. (Sugar)

Secret End: 15000+ Grace Points at Honey Route 13.10
Honey End: Honey Route, 15000 Grace Points
Sugar End: Sugar Route


Sugar Route

Part 11

11.05 No. (Sugar)
A little.
I don’t mind.

11.07 I stared right back. (Sugar)
I lifted my chin. (Honey)
I hid my face in my hood.

Part 12

12.05 Clench my fist.
I closed my eyes.
I raised my head. (Sugar)

12.05 Royal Challenge
Need 13,500 Grace pts

12.08 Cut it out. (Honey)
I stayed silent. (Sugar)
Come on, let go.

Part 13

13.03 Are you okay? (Honey)
What will you do?
Never mind. (Sugar)

13.05 Royal Challenge
Premium: Frilled Peaches and Cream Dress - 900 Coins
Normal:  Coffee Brown Mermaid Dress - 500 Coins or 20,000 Bells

13.08 It’s not over. (Honey)
Stay with me.
You idiot. Leo. (Sugar)


Honey Route

Part 11

11.04 You’re the only one- (Sugar)
I was lost for words
That’s why I- (Honey)

11.10 I reached towards him. (Honey)
I called his name again.
I rested my head against his back. (Sugar)

Part 12

12.02 Thank you. (Sugar)
Thank goodness. (Honey)
She was cute.

12.05 Royal Challenge
Need 13,500 Grace pts

12.06 I touched his lips. (Honey)
I smiled. (Sugar)
I stared at him.

Part 13

13.02 I can’t know that. (Sugar)
Don’t worry.
There’s no way. (Honey)

13.05 Royal Challenge
Premium: Strawberry Pink Dress with Red Rose Print - 900 Coins
Normal: Chocolate Plaid Dress - 500 Coins or 20,000 Bells

13.06 (I want to touch his lips.) (Sugar)
(I want to touch his long lashes.)
(I want to touch his hair.) (Honey)

Ever After Story

(*Note: Sorry, this Walkthrough is still missing! If you by any chance have it, I would be very grateful if you could share them with us! Just send me a mail (dawnire@gmail.com) or post it in the comment box below. Thank you!)

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