02 April, 2017

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Sengoku Darling - Shingen Takeda

(*Note: Special Thanks to Debra for this Walkthrough! 
You can find the original post on her Website!)

Main Story

Chapter 1

As Sir Yukimura said.
Don't answer.
Here for my sick father.

Of course, my lord.
Surely I'm not fit...
If that's Lord Shingen's wish.

Chapter 2


Say you're sorry
Tell him honestly you're not used to it
Say you're nervous with him in the room

Ask what's the matter
Tell him to let you go
Do nothing

Chapter 3

He came to check on me.
He went back right away.
He saw you over here.

That is horrible!
I am fine.
The meadow makes up for it.

Chapter 4
I have eaten plenty.
I am nervous.
I am not hungry.


Is something the matter?
I was happy, so I cannot help it.
I see...

Chapter 5

Ask about the war
Point out that he's acting jealous
Argue back

He listens to the advice of his retainers.
He's a kind man.
He's very cultured.


Chapter 6
Is something the matter?
Are you not feeling well?
Did I do something wrong?

Deny there's anything more
Look down in embarrassment
Answer vaguely
Chapter 7
It's embarrassing.
I don't want Yukimura to worry.
Lord Shingen won't like it.

I did not wish to trouble you.
I did not think it worth telling.
It was a difficult topic.


Chapter's 8 - 10
Any choices beyond this point have no bearing on the story.


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