April 4, 2017

[Walkthrough] Star Crossed Myth - Tauxolouve

(*Note: Special Thanks to Kylie & All Fandoms Fangirl for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story
Blessed Ending

Episode 1
Pretend not to notice
Why do you call me little lady?

Episode 2

Episode 3
What should I do?

Episode 4
I'm not tired
Let him handle it

Episode 5
You're a gentleman
I wouldn't want that

Episode 6
I want to hear more
Open the door

Episode 7
Don't say anything
Ask Taux for help

Episode 8
It's not up to me
When will it happen?

Episode 9
I don't want to leave you
This is a trap

Episode 10
Let's go see the king
Grab his hand

Episode 11
Run to him

Episode 12
Yell at Tauxolouve
You were so cool

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