May 2, 2017

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Modern Cinderella - Simon Hopper

 (*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Chapter 1
(8 Episodes)

1.0? He's kind of handsome.
He seems pretty rude. (+Best Choice)

1.05 Love-Choice
Premium: Simon's Body: 5 Crystal

1.07 Midnight-Checkpoint
Need 100pt to pass

1.08 I'm just a bit tired.
It's nothing. (+Best Choice)

Chapter 2
(9 Episodes)

2.01 The same as yesterday.
Ask for a recommendation. (+Best Choice)

2.04 Refuse.
Accept. (+Best Choice)

2.07 Midnight-Checkpoint
Need 1,700pt to pass

2.07 2 Picture's

Chapter 3
(8 Episodes)

3.03 I'm not sure.
I want to do it. (+Best Choice)

3.05 I don't know …
I want to come! (+Best Choice)

3.06 Love-Choice
Premium: Bartender Look: 30 Crystals + 2 CG's
Normal: Champagne in Glass: 20 Crystals / 4.000 Edel Cash

Chapter 4
(9 Episodes)

4.04 Say it.
Don't say it. (+Best Choice)

4.07 Have I?
I'm sorry … (+Best Choice)

Chapter 5
(8 Episodes)

5.04 I won't go.
I'll go. (+Best Choice)

5.05 Speak up.
Don't speak up. (+Best Choice)

5.06 Love-Choice
Premium: Side Ponytail: 40 Crystals + 2 CG's
Normal: Bartender Shoes: 20 Crystals / 5.000 Edel Cash

Chapter 6
(9 Episodes)

6.03 Is it that conversation again?
What's wrong? (+Best Choice)

6.05 I won't do it alone!
Why would you say something like that? (+Best Choice)

Chapter 7
(9 Episodes)

7.06 Can you just go home already?
I just want you to leave me alone! (+Best Choice)

7.08 Love-Choice
Premium: Concert Attire: 50 Crystals
Normal: Sheet Music on the Side Table: 35 Crystals / 7.000 Edel Cash

7.09 Is that okay?
Yeah, of course! (+Best Choice)

Chapter 8
(10 Episodes)

8.05 Yeah, of course.
I don't know … (+Best Choice)

8.07 Yeah …
I hope so! (+Best Choice)

8.08 Midnight-Checkpoint
Need 15.500pt to pass

Chapter 9
(10 Episodes)

9.01 Give up.
Try and persuade mother. (+Best Choice)

9.07 Yeah!
But … (+Best Choice)

9.09 Love-Choice
Premium: Party Hall: 80 Crystals + 2 CG's
Normal: Party Entrance: 65 Crystals / 13.000 Edel Cash

Chapter 10
(9 Episodes)

10.01 So …
But, you know … (+Best Choice)

10.04 I'll probably be okay.
Of course I'll be okay. (+Best Choice)

10.08 Midnight-Checkpoint
Need 26.000pt to pass


1. Metamorphosis Ending = Default Ending
Get: 5x Story Ticket, 10x Power Recovery Item, 1x 'Piano in the Forest' (Simon) [Background]

2. Evolution Ending = 1st Heart on the Meter + 2 CG's
Get: 5x Story Ticket, 10x Crystal, 50x Power Recovery Item, 1x 'Loose Wavy Bob Hair' (Simon), 1x 'Red Pinstripe Strapless Dress' (Simon), 1x 'Beaded Pearl Bracelet' (Simon)

3. Rebirth Ending = 2nd Heart on the Meter + 2 CG's
Get: 5x Story Ticket, 25x Crystal, 100x Power Recovery Item, 1x 'Check Patterned Suits' (Simon) [Him], 1x 'Plain Oxford Shoes' (Simon) [Him], 1x 'Plain Round Glasses' (Simon) [Him]

4. All Endings: 1 Picture


  1. 2.07 Midnight-Checkpoint stated that I needed 1800pt to pass just to let you know

  2. Letting you know of a missing checkpoint in your list
    4.05 Midnight Checkpoint Need 4,800 points

    1. my bad I posted this on the wrong list sorry!!!