02 May, 2017

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Modern Cinderella - Simon Hopper

 (*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin & Pizza Waffle for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Chapter 1
(8 Episodes)

1.0? He's kind of handsome.
He seems pretty rude. (+Best Choice)

1.05 Love-Choice
Premium: Simon's Body: 5 Crystal

1.07 Midnight-Checkpoint
Need 100pt to pass

1.08 I'm just a bit tired.
It's nothing. (+Best Choice)

Chapter 2
(9 Episodes)

2.01 The same as yesterday.
Ask for a recommendation. (+Best Choice)

2.04 Refuse.
Accept. (+Best Choice)

2.07 Midnight-Checkpoint
Need 1,700pt to pass

2.07 2 Picture's

Chapter 3
(8 Episodes)

3.03 I'm not sure.
I want to do it. (+Best Choice)

3.05 I don't know …
I want to come! (+Best Choice)

3.06 Love-Choice
Premium: Bartender Look: 30 Crystals + 2 CG's
Normal: Champagne in Glass: 20 Crystals / 4.000 Edel Cash

Chapter 4
(9 Episodes)

4.04 Say it.
Don't say it. (+Best Choice)

4.07 Have I?
I'm sorry … (+Best Choice)

Chapter 5
(8 Episodes)

5.04 I won't go.
I'll go. (+Best Choice)

5.05 Speak up.
Don't speak up. (+Best Choice)

5.06 Love-Choice
Premium: Side Ponytail: 40 Crystals + 2 CG's
Normal: Bartender Shoes: 20 Crystals / 5.000 Edel Cash

Chapter 6
(9 Episodes)

6.03 Is it that conversation again?
What's wrong? (+Best Choice)

6.05 I won't do it alone!
Why would you say something like that? (+Best Choice)

Chapter 7
(9 Episodes)

7.06 Can you just go home already?
I just want you to leave me alone! (+Best Choice)

7.08 Love-Choice
Premium: Concert Attire: 110 Crystals
Normal: Sheet Music on the Side Table: 50 Crystals / 12,500 Edel Cash

7.09 Is that okay?
Yeah, of course! (+Best Choice)

Chapter 8
(10 Episodes)

8.05 Yeah, of course.
I don't know … (+Best Choice)

8.07 Yeah …
I hope so! (+Best Choice)

8.08 Midnight-Checkpoint
Need 15.500pt to pass

Chapter 9
(10 Episodes)

9.01 Give up.
Try and persuade mother. (+Best Choice)

9.07 Yeah!
But … (+Best Choice)

9.09 Love-Choice
Premium: Party Hall: 80 Crystals + 2 CG's
Normal: Party Entrance: 65 Crystals / 13.000 Edel Cash

Chapter 10
(9 Episodes)

10.01 So …
But, you know … (+Best Choice)

10.04 I'll probably be okay.
Of course I'll be okay. (+Best Choice)

10.08 Midnight-Checkpoint
Need 26.000pt to pass


1. Metamorphosis Ending = Default Ending
Get: 5x Story Ticket, 10x Power Recovery Item, 1x 'Piano in the Forest' (Simon) [Background]

2. Evolution Ending = 1st Heart on the Meter + 2 CG's
Get: 5x Story Ticket, 10x Crystal, 50x Power Recovery Item, 1x 'Loose Wavy Bob Hair' (Simon), 1x 'Red Pinstripe Strapless Dress' (Simon), 1x 'Beaded Pearl Bracelet' (Simon)

3. Rebirth Ending = 2nd Heart on the Meter + 2 CG's
Get: 5x Story Ticket, 25x Crystal, 100x Power Recovery Item, 1x 'Check Patterned Suits' (Simon) [Him], 1x 'Plain Oxford Shoes' (Simon) [Him], 1x 'Plain Round Glasses' (Simon) [Him]

4. All Endings: 1 Picture


  1. 2.07 Midnight-Checkpoint stated that I needed 1800pt to pass just to let you know

  2. Letting you know of a missing checkpoint in your list
    4.05 Midnight Checkpoint Need 4,800 points

    1. my bad I posted this on the wrong list sorry!!!

  3. Just letting you know that the prices for the checkpoint in 7.08 have been raised. The Concert Attire is now 110 crystals and the Sheet Music on the Side Table is now 50 crystals and 12,500 Edel Cash. Thank you!