07 June, 2017

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart + Leslie Roseblade

Season 5 - The Sol Maiden: Main Story

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin for this Walkthrough!)
(16 Episodes)

1.05 Special Leslie Scenario
Get 2x CG

1.08 That's no way to talk …
Not really.
Thank you for the warning. (Intimacy +7)

1.10 ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~

1.11 Pull myself off.
Ask him to move. (Intimacy +7)
Freeze up.

1.14 He's kind of rude.
I'm not really interested.
He's wonderful. (Intimacy +7)

(17 Episodes)

2.02 You sure don't look mature.
Really? Okay. (Intimacy +7)

2.08 They really trust you.
That's unexpected.
You're amazing. (Intimacy +7)

2.10 N-No way!
Can I even do it?
I'll do my best! (Intimacy +7)

(13 Episodes)

3.04 You left the group?
You're late.
Thanks for coming. (Intimacy +7)

3.06 Special Leslie Scenario
Get 2x CG

3.09 A symbol of the forest.
A big tree.
A tree that stores magical power. (Intimacy +7)

3.12 Oppose him.
Freeze up.
Move away. (Intimacy +7)

(13 Episodes)

4.06 You're so self-conscious.
I'm not looking at anything.
I'm just happy. (Intimacy +7)

4.07 I'm okay.
You're so nice.
Thanks. (Intimacy +7)

4.08 Special Leslie Scenario
Get a CG

4.09 I don't know.
The forest.
The sun. (Intimacy +7)

4.12 ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~

(12 Episodes)

5.02 Marble Aura.
Marble Aperio.
Marble Teleporter. (Intimacy +7)

5.07  ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 500 Magic Grade Points

5.08 It's the voice of the sun.
It's a student.
It's the Magical Tree. (Intimacy +7)

5.10 A coincidence.
A miracle.
Destiny. (Intimacy +7)

(10 Episodes)

6.03 Your accessories.
Your clothes.
Your hat. (Intimacy +7)

6.04 I can boast about it.
I'm so pathetic.
I'm so proud. (Intimacy +7)

6.05 ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~

6.06 Chocolate.
Either is fine.
Which one do you want?
Vanilla. (Intimacy +7)

6.09 Special Leslie Scenario
Get 2x CG

(13 Episodes)

7.01 I need to ask Leslie.
I think I might get extra lessons.
I'm free. (Intimacy +7)

7.03 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 2,000 Magic Grade Points

7.06 The delicious food.
The fun atmosphere.
The Sol Maiden. (Intimacy +7)

7.09 & 7.10 Special Leslie Scenario
Get 3x CG

7.11 I'm hungry.
I was daydreaming.
I was just thinking. (Intimacy +7)

7.12 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 4,000 Magic Grade Points

(12 Episodes)

8.03 Opera.
Aria. (Intimacy +7)

8.04 But I want to study.
But I just want to hang out.
Let's do it! (Intimacy +7)

8.06 You should have told me.
No fair.
I'm sorry. (Intimacy +7)

8.10 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 7,000 Magic Grade Points

(14 Episodes)

9.02 You surprised me.
It's so cold.
I'm fine. (Intimacy +7)

9.03 Where's your confidence?
Should I teach it?
You'll be fine. (Intimacy +7)

9.06 Ducemra.
Flama Flamio.
Rehardma. (Intimacy +7)

9.08 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 9,500 Magic Grade Points

9.08 & 9.09 Special Leslie Scenario
Get 2x CG

(12 Episodes)

10.04 Agree.
Look to Leslie. (Intimacy +7)

10.05 ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 11,250 Magic Grade Points

10.05 Special Leslie Scenario
Get 2x CG

10.09 In the courtyard.
In the Headmaster's office.
In the library. (Intimacy +7)

10.11 Who's that?
Leslie's mother.
The Sol Maiden. (Intimacy +7)

(10 Episodes)

11(1).03 Gradius Lumen.
Magia Flau.
Cortina Aqua. (Intimacy +7)

11(1).05 Sanatio Aria.
Sanatio Aura.
Sanatio Aqua. (Intimacy +7)

11(1).08 No!
Okay. (Intimacy +7)

(11 Episodes)

11(2).01 In the forest.
I don't know.
We'll be fine. (Intimacy +7)

11(2).03 ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~

11(2).06 I'm sorry.
I was worried.
I wanted to be at your side. (Intimacy +7)

11(2).09 Quit joking.
I've always been.
I'm becoming more like you. (Intimacy +7)

(10 Episodes)

11(3).02 Magia Flau.
Scutum Ventos.
Scutum Aqua. (Intimacy +7)

11(3).03  ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 14,500 Magic Grade Points

11(3).03 Special Leslie Scenario
Get a CG

11(3).04 Special Leslie Scenario
Get a CG

11(3).09 I can't.
Can I even do it?
Will you help? (Intimacy +7)

(9 Episodes)

12.03 What's this about?
No, it's okay.
Thank you! (Intimacy +7)

12.05 I can't think of anything.
Inspire me.
Hug me. (Intimacy +7)

12.08 ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~


1. Unhappy Ending  = Default Ending 500 Coins

2. Normal Ending2 Picture's 1.500 Coins

3. Happy Ending = 3 Picture's ? Coins
Get: 5x Story Ticket, 2x Elias' Classic Muffin, 5x Aruenaristy, 1x Magic Grade (200pt), 1x 'Matching Outfit with Leslie' [Room]

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